How to Store Beef

Looking for beef storage tips? We’ve got ‘em! Let’s start at the grocery store; when shopping, pick up beef just before checking out. A good rule of thumb is this: if it will take longer than 30 minutes to get your freshly purchased beef home, consider keeping it in a cold cooler. Curious about how to best store your fresh meat once you’re home? Refrigerate or freeze as soon as possible after purchasing, and always place beef packages on the lowest shelf in your refrigerator on a plate or tray to catch any escaping juices.

Simple Beef Storage


Handling Beef Safely

There are a few basics you should know when handling beef. Keep your work surface clean to avoid cross-contamination and prevent any food-borne illnesses by washing hands well before and after handling raw meat. It’s also important to keep raw meat and meat juices away from other foods, both in the refrigerator and during preparation. And don’t forget to clean your work space and cooking utensils thoroughly with hot soapy water before and after use!

Safe Beef Handling Tips


How to Prepare Beef

How you prepare your beef is just as important as storing and handling. There are a variety of tips and techniques to ensure your beef is at its best! For example, when handling Ground Beef for burgers or meatballs, don’t over-mix the meat – it will result in a firm, compact finished product. Cooking a steak or roast? Pat the meat with paper towels to ensure even browning.

More Beef Preparation Tips


Determining Beef Doneness

Know the difference between medium and medium-rare? Do you like your steak to be at its most tender and juicy? A meat thermometer and our handy doneness guide (equipped with beef cooking times and temperatures!) will tell you all you need to know about the perfect doneness for steaks, roasts and burgers.

Determining Doneness


Thawing Beef

Let us clear up some confusion about how to thaw beef safely! For best quality, thaw steaks and roasts in the refrigerator—never at room temperature—and be sure to place the frozen package on a plate or tray to catch any escaping juices during the thawing process. Wondering about Ground Beef? Wonder no more! You can quickly thaw Ground Beef in your microwave in five minutes or less – just follow these simple steps.

How to Thaw Beef


How to Read Beef Labels

Today’s meat case offers a variety of beef choices like grain-finished, grass-finished, natural and certified organic, as well as several grading and aging options.  We’ve got a handy guide to help you navigate the meat case and choose the cut that’s just right for you. 

Choices of Beef