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How to Be the Best Host with the Most Delicious Roast This Holiday

If you’re like us, holidays are all about friends, family and delicious food. And if a roast is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about what to serve those very special friends and family, look no further! We’ve got the resources you need for preparing a perfect roast that is sure to wow your guests.

First, this oven roasting guide will help take the guess work out of what could be an otherwise intimidating preparation method. But it’s easy – we promise!

After that quick refresher, you’ll be ready to serve up a nutritious and tasty Smoky Round Roast with Garlic Kale or a Walnut-Crusted Roast with Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes, served with a side of fresh vegetables, like sautéed green beans or roasted Brussels sprouts. Yum!

And when it comes to buying just the right about, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered there, too. Follow this guide to buy just the perfect amount, no more, no less.

Confused about which roast to buy? Visit the Interactive Butcher Counter for a variety of roast options – you pick which beef cut fits your needs!


The Most Amazing Holiday Appetizers You've Ever Tasted

Sure, holiday parties are great…until you’re tasked with feeding an entire pack of hungry guests. Fear not - we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite go-to apps. But just be careful, once you serve these bad boys you’ll be on appetizer duty for life. From handheld cocktail hour bites to low-key yet festive pre-dinner snacks, these apps are crowd-pleasers.

With all the holiday indulgence, a light and fresh appetizer selection is a must-have at gatherings! Ginger-Maple Steak with Napa Cabbage and Grilled Onions pairs perfectly grilled steaks with sweet, grilled red onions and crisp, refreshing Napa cabbage, dressed with a bright and zesty lemon-based vinaigrette. Or try our Inside-Out Grilled Steak Salads – simply wrap grilled, lean Strip Steak in butter lettuce leaves and add you favorite veggies. Dress with a reduced-fat store-bought salad dressing, or make a simple vinaigrette with olive oil, vinegar or citrus juices and a little garlic. Add a sprinkle of chopped nuts for a little extra crunch!

For those that enjoy more traditional appetizers, we’ve got a few recommendations for you, too. Beef and Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms combine a savory blend of lean Ground Beef, blue cheese and chives, stuffed inside a bite-sized button mushroom. And meatballs are always a hit, so how about our Mini Meatball Appetizers with Apricot Dipping Sauce for a sweet and savory flavor combo!? 


How to Thoroughly Enjoy Your Holiday Leftovers...Again!

The holiday season brings love, laughter and new memories with friends and family…and leftovers galore! Don’t leave those leftovers behind – turn them into something tasty and satisfying. Check out some of our solutions for turning that leftover roast into a quick and easy beef meal.

Whip up a nutritious breakfast for the whole family! Try our Beef & Spinach Breakfast Sandwich – it’s a great way to use up those leftovers, and it combines protein-rich beef and eggs with vegetables (pick your favorite) and a whole grain bread. Or give you roast new life with south of the border-inspired Beefy Sweet Potato Hash.

Scrambling for speedy lunch ideas? Go with a salad or sandwich. Slice your leftover roast thin for Roast Beef Tea Sandwiches, Four-Seasons Beef and Brussels Sprouts Salad or Beef Steak Salad with Dried Cherries.

For a cozy and comforting dinner, we recommend Sirloin Sandwich with Red Onion and Dried Fruit Marmalade – it shows no signs of the previous night’s roast, but it’s equally delicious! Or spice it up with tacos! Our favorites include Steak and Grilled Corn Tortillas or Beef Steak and Black Bean Soft Tacos (replace steak with sliced leftover roast). 


NUTRITION: Easily Balance Your Plate with These Simple Nutrition Tips

With the holiday season approaching, people of all ages are looking forward to making new memories with family and friends – and we all know that comes with indulgences, too! This year, indulging doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite tips and tricks for balancing your plate this season with lean beef as the centerpiece!

Holiday parties can sabotage a good plan to stick with healthy eating, but adequate protein at every meal can minimize distracting stomach grumbles. In fact, consuming 25-30 grams of protein at each meal will improve satiety, helping to prevent that second cruise around the dessert table! Pair a high-quality protein like lean beef with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains and you’ll be looking at a nutritious, balanced plate that will keep you feeling satisfied until the party is over.

Need some ideas for quick and nutritious holiday apps in a hurry? Try one of these protein-powered and festive lean beef recipes, sure to keep even the hungriest appetites at bay:

And a holiday roast can also be a solution to keeping the calories in a celebratory meal in check. There are plenty of lean options available around the holidays, and roasts are surprisingly easy to prepare! Not to mention, a single serving of lean beef – 3 ounces (about the size of a smart phone) – provides 10 essential nutrients in around 150 calories, on average, and about half of the Daily Value for protein. Here are a few of our shining stars:


LONG LEAD: Delicious Beef Recipes Guaranteed to Bring the Luck of the Irish

Already thinking about March story ideas? If so, we’ve got some Irish-inspired recipes perfect for inspiration. We pulled together a set of recipes we think would be wonderful to serve in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Pat’s Beef Pot Pie is a lucky charm when you’re crunched for time, prepped and ready in just about 35 minutes. And Irish-Inspired Beef  Pot Roast is the perfect weeknight slow cooker meal – just add the ingredients to your slow cooker before work and you’ll have a pot of gold waiting for you when you get home!

Can’t forgo the Corned Beef? With recipes like our Slow-Cooked Corned Beef in Beef with Red Currant-Mustard Sauce and Corned Beef Brisket with Roasted Vegetables and Lemon-Mustard Sauce you can enjoy the Irish staple in a different way. Or go traditional and serve up Homestyle Corned Beef with Dilled Cabbage.

Use up those leftovers (or buy prepared corned beef at the deli) to make a quick fix like Corned Beef Hash, Reuben Sandwiches or Reuben Bites (great for a crowd!). Both deliver on all the flavors you’d expect of a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal without the fuss.  


LONG LEAD: Fresh, Delicious Recipes that Will Make You Fall in Love with Spring!

While it may seem like a stretch now, before you know it, the days will get longer and the temperatures warmer. What better way to welcome spring than with lighter dishes and fresh ingredients, including delicious lean beef!?

Let’s start with Grilled Steak & Vegetable Salad, a basic recipe that incorporates several vegetables of your choice, like asparagus, squash and zucchini and lean, delicious grilled Strip Steaks - so fresh, so delicious! Or try our Grilled Southwestern Steak with Colorful Vegetables, a perfect combination of protein and vegetables, seasoned with cumin and zesty lime juice - tastes like spring!

Nothing makes us think about warm weather like island-inspired Caribbean Flank Steak with Coconut Rice. The addition of lime juice, cilantro and coconut make this recipe a wonderfully tropical experience. Serve with fresh pineapple or mango for some sweetness.

Finally, since spring is the official start of backyard parties, we’ve got a quick and simple dish you’ll want to make all spring and summer long. Steak & Sugar Snap Pea Pasta Salad takes plain old pasta salad to the next level! This dish will have partygoers hunting you down for the recipe – be prepared.


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