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Protein Challenge

30 Day Protein Challenge FAQ

Protein Summit 2.0

Press Release: Busy Americans can reap health benefits by balancing protein intake throughout the day
Protein Summit 2.0 Research Summary
Introduction to Protein Summit 2.0: continued exploration of the impact of high-quality protein on optimal health - Nancy R Rodriguez
The role of protein in weight loss and maintenance - Heather J Leidy, et al. 
Defining meal requirements for protein to optimize metabolic roles of amino acids - Donald K Layman, et al.  
Commonly consumed protein foods contribute to nutrient intake, diet quality, and nutrient adequacy - Stuart M Phillips, et al. 
Protein and healthy aging - Doug Paddon-Jones, et al. 
Effective translation of current dietary guidance: understanding and communicating the concepts of minimal and optimal levels of dietary protein - Nancy R Rodriguez, et al.

Beef Cuts

Meet the Top 5 Most Popular Beef Cuts
Petite Tender
Flat Iron
Boneless Country-Style Ribs
Tenderloin Your Way: DIY Butchery

"Beef. It's What's For Dinner." Advertising

Above All Else Campaign Radio Spot (2013)
New Advertising Campaign Fact Sheet
Campaign Slideshow

Beef Research and Data

American Tradition of Grilling Beef Remains Strong (2013)
America's Got Grilliance: 2012 Grilling Study Results (2012)
Americans Get Fired Up to Grill with Beef This Summer and Beyond (2011)
What America Loves Fact Sheet (2011)
Uncovering America's Love Affair with Beef Fact Sheet (2010)

Preparation and Recipes

Confident Cooking with Beef
Really Simple Ways to Boost Flavor
Using a Meat Thermometer
Don't Cook on Autopilot
Your Best Summer Ever: 10 Tips for Beef on the Grill
Safe and Healthy Grilling
I'm Dreaming of...12 Holiday Beef Recipes
Expert Tips for Spicing Up Your Relationship with Beef
Beef Preparation Tip Sheet


Eating Lean Beef Daily Can Help Lower Cholesterol As Part of a Heart-Healthy Diet and Lifestyle
Give Your Child's Day a Boost with Protein
The Evolution of Lean Beef
Surprising Facts About Lean Beef
Building a Healthy Plate with Beef
MyPlate, My Health
Getting Started with MyPlate
How to Build MyPlate
Balance Calories with Physical Activity
Beefing Up MyPlate
Protein Throughout the Day
Discover the Many Ways to Love Lean Beef
Building a Heart Healthy Diet with Lean Beef
Choices of Beef
Beef Up Your Fruits and Veggies
What you Miss Without Meat
What Science Says
Get Lean with Protein
High Quality Protein Promotes Optimal Health
Beef Up with Lean Protein
Powering Up With Protein
Lean Protein to Live Well and Age Vibrantly
Power Up for the Good Life with Lean Beef
Proteins Are Not Created Equal

Ground Beef

Burger Bites
Focus on Ground Beef
Ground Beef Basics - Purchase to Plate


Beef Industry at a Glance
Demand for Beef is Highest in Years