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Five Steak-sational Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year than with one of these fresh and flavorful Southwest-inspired steak dishes. Fire up those grills and prepare a Mexican fiesta that will have the whole family saying “olé!”

Grilled Southwest Steaks with Sunset Salad will be a sight for your eyes, ears and mouth. The sizzle of the steak on the grill, the smell of chipotle and cumin and the beauty of the colorful corn salad—hola deliciousness!

Strip Steaks get a south-of-the-border makeover with cilantro, onions and tomatillos in this Carnitas-Style Grilled Beef Tacos recipe. 

If you’re looking for more “finger food,” serve up Grilled Salsa Steak Appetizer. Easy and simple, this recipe calls for just five ingredients, but packs a huge flavor punch. 

Mix up your dinner routine with “deconstructed” Beef Fajita Salad with Mango-Serrano Vinaigrette. The beauty is that everyone in the family can add the foods they like to their dish!

Grill up your favorite cut for this twist on a family favorite. Our Mexican Soft Taco features a garlicky lime sour cream that your crowd won’t be able to resist. 


Introducing the 30 Day Protein Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

For some time now, researchers have known that consuming protein in balanced amounts at each meal is beneficial to improving overall health. Some of the more remarkable benefits of distributing protein throughout the day include feeling satisfied after a meal or snack that features protein, which helps reduce mindless eating. Additionally, meals with high-quality protein help to build muscle and reduce body fat. 

But Americans currently consume two-thirds of their total daily protein intake at dinner - that doesn’t leave much room for protein at other meals or snacks; enter: the 30 Day Protein Challenge! The 30 Day Protein Challenge is a step-by-step way to get an optimal amount of protein throughout the day. It’s simple: work your way up to eat 30 grams of protein every meal, and feel the difference!

Whether you’re seeking to maintain and/or build muscle, looking for craving control or simply striving for better overall health and wellness, the Protein Challenge can help you take control of your appetite and kick start the benefits you’ll get from balancing your protein consumption. 

Interested in joining the challenge? Sign up for daily inspirational emails, tools to help you succeed and beefy recipes with plenty of protein!


Pan-Fry Your Way to Beefy Greatness

What do you get when you combine thin, tender cuts of beef, a dab of oil and a sizzling skillet? One tasty pan-frying dish no one will be able to resist! Did we mention it’s easy, too? So kick up your feet because succulent beef – and its 10 essential nutrients – will be on the dinner table with time to spare. Just follow these three simple steps and you’ll be on your way to beefy greatness. 

Choose your cut. Pan-frying is best for thin, tender beef cuts, ½ inch thick or less. Some of the best cuts for pan-frying include Cubed Steak, Sirloin Tip Steak (a tasty lean cut!) and Flat Iron

Prepare your beef. Heat a small amount of oil in a heavy, nonstick skillet (a 12-inch skillet works best!), over medium heat until hot. Take beef directly from the refrigerator and season, as desired. If you’re using a recipe that calls for breading or flouring, this is when you do it. Tip: if you’re using Cubed Steak or other cuts that are breaded, you may require a little extra oil in the skillet to prevent sticking. 

Cook your beef. Place your beef in your preheated skillet. For even cooking, make sure not to overcrowd your skillet! Pan-fry you cut to desired doneness, turning occasionally. After cooking, season with salt if desired. Tip: thin cuts should cook in 3 to 4 minutes until beef is medium rare (145° F) to medium (160° F). 



Take Control of Your Appetite

It’s an all-too-common scenario: no time for breakfast, so it’s powdered doughnuts in the break room at 9 a.m. Two hours later and you’re ravenous again (shocker: those doughnuts didn’t do the trick!), so you hit the vending machine for something salty. Then it’s the candy jar at 2 p.m. Sound familiar? We’ve all fallen victim to the snack attack, but it’s time to take control of your appetite!

The Protein Challenge could be your solution to eliminating mindless snacking. By simply shifting the way you consume protein throughout the day – 25 to 30 grams per meal, plus snacks – you can begin to feel the difference! Protein throughout the day can help you avoid that hungry feeling, giving you more control over the foods you choose. When you’re already satisfied, you’re less likely to reach for those unhealthy snacks.

Why should you take the Protein Challenge?

Consuming the right amount of protein helps with weight loss goals by reducing mindless snacking, building muscles after a workout and protecting muscle mass. Learn more about the Benefits of Protein.

How does it work?

Take control of your appetite by working your way up to 30 grams of protein at every meal for one month. You keep track of your food, hunger and moods to see how simple diet changes can make a difference in your overall health and wellness for 30 days and beyond.

How do you get started?

Sign up for the Protein Challenge to get all the tools you need, plus daily tips to keep you on track. What are you waiting for? Join today!

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