December's Top Story Ideas

'Tis the Season...for a Delicious Roast! 

So you’ve been decking the halls and gathering up your favorite carols in preparation for the holiday season, but are you still wondering how to wow your guests this year? Wonder no more! A beef roast is sure to impress even the foodiest of foodies.

Need a foolproof plan for the perfectly done roast? Our oven-roasting guide takes the guess work out of what could be an intimidating preparation method. While oven-roasting takes more time, it is one of the simplest cooking methods because it required little attention. Once you’ve got this cooking method down, you can conquer just about any beef roast out there.

Try a perfectly seasoned Peppered Ribeye Roast with Roasted Garlic Sauce or our tender and juicy Herbed Beef Tenderloin with Holiday Rice, or checkout more tips for making the most of your holiday roast.



Get the Family Together for Breakfast

Looking for fun activities to do this month while the kids are off of school for winter break? How about creating a few kid-friendly, hands-on breakfasts together? Take advantage of the time you have off from work and school and make breakfast a family affair!

Try a breakfast assembly line with all the kiddies. Our Breakfast Brisket Tartine, Beef Sticky Buns and Beef Breakfast Pizza Olé are the perfect recipes that’ll get the whole gang involved. Set up ingredient stations along your countertop or on your dining room table and take turns preparing whichever recipe your choose.

And who doesn’t love a taco bar?! Breakfast Skillet Beef Tacos and Steak and Eggs Breakfast Tacos serve as a canvas for you and your families’ creative side. Set out individual bowls of toppings, like cheese, onion, guacamole, your favorite diced veggies, beans – whatever your heart desires – and get to sprinkling!


Be the Star of Your Next Holiday Potluck

Let’s face it – no one wants to take on the stress of creating an entire meal when friends and family gather to share memories and holiday cheer. Enter the tried-and-true holiday potluck party! If you’re like us, you’ll be looking for simple and delicious potluck fare (no fruit cakes or jello molds, please!) that will satisfy a crowd and keep them coming back for seconds…maybe even thirds! 

Tasked with a bite-sized app? Our Tender Crostini with Wasabi Sour Cream and Spicy Buffalo-Style Meatballs will be the bite of the party!

Assigned the salad course? Not a problem. Layered Southwest Steak Salad or our Treviso, Fig & Pear Steak Salad is sure to be a hit among the veggie lovers. 

Stressing over a main course dish? Chill! Outshine the potluck competition with our Peppered Top Sirloin Roast with Sautéed Broccolini or try shredded beef sliders with our versatile and savory Four-Way Slow Cooker Shredded Beef.

Long Lead: Reach "Burgermaster" Status This Grilling Season

While it may not seem like it, grilling season is just around the corner! This summer, we want you to reach “Burgermaster” status, and we’ve got the tips to get you there. 

There's no wrong way to cook a burger…OK, there is. Although delicious toppings like avocado, grilled onions, or mango salsa can all add variety and taste to a burger, trimmings are only half the story. With a few simple tips, you can master both the prep work and grilling as well.

The best burgers start with great ground beef! Try 80/20 ground beef if you’re going for a traditional burger. For a leaner—but equally juicy and flavorful—burger use 93% lean ground beef, plus an egg white and a ¼ cup of bread crumbs.

Prep work is key to a tasty burger. Instead of sprinkling your favorite spice rubs on top of the burger, try mixing them in with the ground beef. When forming the patties, make sure to be gentle since over mixing the patties can actually result in dry burgers.

Grill time? Fire up to medium heat; at this heat level, the patties will brown nicely, adding deeper flavor to the patty. While grilling, only flip each burger once. Cooking times will differ, so grill according to chart in order to achieve medium (160°F) doneness.

Now comes the fun part - toppings! Don't be afraid to experiment. At first, it may seem crazy to add a topping like hummus to a burger but it could be the condiment you've been searching for all these years. Or maybe goat cheese and corn salsa is more your thing. Every backyard barbeque across the country is serving burgers with pickles, ketchup and mustard. Stand out by offering jalapenos, grilled pineapple, or even kimchi as your burger toppings. Oh, the possibilities! 

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