Live a Flavorful Life

This season, introduce your family to new favorites. Whether it’s on the grill, or in a bowl, we’re here to help you create and enjoy new, nutritious beef favorites. After all, a life full of favorites is a flavorful life.


Protein’s Benefits

Beef gives your body more of the high-quality protein you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and preserve and build muscle.


30 Day Protein Challenge

One small change in your diet can make a big difference in the way you feel. Challenge yourself incorporate protein-rich foods at every meal and feel the difference! Join the 30 Day Challenge!


Beef’s Big Nutrient Package

Do more than just get through the day – be your best every day. See how beef’s 10 essential nutrients work to keep your body going.


Lean Beef 101

Nearly half of the protein you need and 10 essential nutrients for about 150 calories per 3 oz. serving? Believe it. That’s the power of lean beef.


Beef & Heart Health

FACT: Research shows that eating lean beef can help lower cholesterol levels as part of a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle. That’s pretty neat!


Big Nutrition in a Small Package

When it comes to choosing high-quality proteins, beef is a nutritious choice with unbeatable taste. Naturally nutrient-rich beef gives you more essential nutrients (10 to be exact!) in around 170 calories per serving. That’s a lot of nutrients in such a small package.