Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is full of reasons to celebrate and when it comes time to celebrate with family and friends, we know that beef takes the cake! Fifty percent of Americans associate beef with celebrations compared with chicken (18%), pork (17%), or fish (15%). This means your readers will be looking for great beef recipes this season and we have just what they’re looking for.

Make Beef the Center of Your Springtime Meal

Larger or thicker cuts of beef benefit most from roasting in the oven, which is the simplest cooking method because it requires little attention. And you’ll be serving up some serious flavor! The flavor of a roast is distinctly different from that of any other cooking method, inspiring impressive meals that bring everyone together.

Beef Up Health and Live Life to the Fullest

With life expectancy in the U.S. reaching an all-time high of nearly 78 years, now is the time for mature adults to start focusing on ways to improve their health and make the most of those extra years.

Small steps, such as improving diet quality and staying active over time can lead to better overall health. Emerging research suggests that consuming high-quality protein, such as lean beef, could be a dietary solution to many age-related health issues including muscle maintenance, weight management and chronic disease prevention.

These fact sheets provide additional information on the positive health benefits that protein can promote:

Lean Protein to Live Well and Age Vibrantly

Power Up for the Good Life with Lean Beef

Top 5 Tips to Feeling Full

Most likely, your readers have experienced a ravenous appetite. To stave off that desire to snack, be sure you're getting enough protein at each meal. Because protein promotes satiety, eating a protein-rich meal or snack makes you feel full longer, and satisfies cravings faster. Here are a few tips for your readers to try – their appetites will thank you.

1. Rise and shine

Jump-start your day by eating breakfast. Remember to include a protein source such as eggs, milk, yogurt or cottage cheese to hold you over until your next meal or snack.

2. Plan ahead

Pack portable snacks such as trail mix, an apple with peanut butter or yogurt to healthfully curb your hunger.

3. Lose the wimpy lettuce

Salads can leave much to be desired. Top your lettuce with creative fixin's such as lean beef, slivered almonds and dried fruit to satisfy your appetite.

4. Variety is the spice of life

Pair lean protein with whole grains, fruits and vegetables for a well rounded meal sure to dazzle your taste buds and promote satiety. Stir chopped vegetables into your favorite lean ground beef and tomato sauce and serve over whole grain pasta for a nutrient-rich dinner.

5. Skip the urge to multitask

Eating meals while you read, watch TV or surf the Internet are surefire ways to miss your body's cue that you are no longer hungry. Take time to make the most of your meals and enjoy what’s on your plate.

To satisfy your appetite and help fuel your body with the protein it needs for a healthy, active lifestyle check out the following handouts to find more tips:

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