Summer Grilling with Lean Beef

Summer is just around the corner and there is no better time to get the "fun in the sun" party dates on the calendar. Whether it’s a holiday like Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day or Labor Day or a birthday, backyard barbecue or impromptu picnic, beef will be the showcase ingredient this summer and we hope you’ll encourage readers to fire up their grills, visit the meat case and offer their family and friends delicious, healthy beef recipes that are sure to please.

As you shape your summer pages, we want to offer you the latest seasonal beef recipes to get readers excited and share helpful tips on lean beef cuts, nutritional information as well as proper methods for cooking favorite beef cuts on the grill.

Summer Grilling Recipes:

T-Bones with Sweet & Savory Steak Sauce

Sizzle in the Summertime--The arrival of Memorial Day means Summer is just around the corner. Fire up the grill and show it who’s boss. The sizzle of T-bone steaks on the grill…now that’s what summer sounds like.

Three-Way Marinated Flank Steak

Show Dad Some Love--With three different marinade options, this Flank steak is feeling the love. Stick with the classic Italian marinade or spice it up with Asian or Mexican flavors to give Dad’s steak exactly what he wants on Father’s Day.

Caribbean Beef Burgers with Mango Salsa

Go on a Flavor Adventure! No matter where you celebrate Independence Day, topping a Caribbean flavored burger with juicy mango salsa will take your taste buds to the islands.

Beef "California Roll" Salad

Let the Good Times Roll--Marinade lean Top Loin with Asian ingredients and grill to perfection. Serve with wasabi cucumbers, gingered carrots, and avocado and you’ve got the perfect Beef "California Roll" Salad to celebrate the end of summer.

These summer favorites not only keep a smile on faces but are good for you too. Many of America's favorite cuts meet government guidelines for lean, including popular cuts such as Tenderloin Filet, T-Bone, Top Round and Top Sirloin Steaks, as well as 93% lean or leaner Ground Beef, so it will be easy for your readers to "go lean with protein" and embrace a healthy lifestyle this summer.

Quick tip: Your readers will find success at the grill every time by using an instant-read meat thermometer to reach the right temperature for each cut.