Pizza with Purpose

Nothing says kid favorite quite like pizza. Now with a boost of added nutrition, it's something everyone can feel good about. With a blend of your favorite veggies mixed right into the pizza sauce and topped with protein packed Ground Beef, you've got yourself an easy and totally irresistible pizza. Good luck saving leftovers!


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Bowls with Balance

Grilling up a sensational lean Strip Steak can take you to amazing places. Tender and savory, it's packed with the nutrients you need and the taste you love for a world of flavor. Explore the tantalizing flavors of craveable Korean with bold kimchi and a blend of crunchy veggies. Or discover what makes Mediterranean cuisine so irresistible with these delectable Greek bowls. From the cool and refreshing tzatziki sauce to the savory steak and roasted vegetables, you'll have a balanced bowl the whole family will love.


3 Takes on Slow Cooked Beef

With simple slow cooking magic, you can turn a classic Chuck Roast into three amazing family favorites. Fresh salsa and cilantro add an authentic Mexican flair while crisp lettuce cups and chili sauce take you to the exotic flavors of Asia. And with a little masala spice, pistachios, and warm naan, India is just a bite away. With tender and savory beef as your base, you'll get the nutrients you need and the taste you crave. So go ahead, try one, two, or all three!


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Stir-Fry for Small Fries

A simple beef stir fry is a smart and nutritious way to combine all the essential food groups into a single, delicious meal. Protein, veggies and whole grains at once - prepped and served in under 30 minutes. The perfect busy weeknight solution!


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Satisfying Salads

Don't be left feeling hungry after your salad. Create a hearty yet nutritious lean beef salad with all of your favorite fruit and vegetables. Even try kale instead of romaine or iceberg lettuce for a delicious twist on your go-to salad.


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DIY Tacos

Tacos make a great weeknight dinner, even for the busiest families. Kid-friendly, nutritious and on the table quickly. Learn how to turn taco night into a protein-packed meal solution in minutes. Remember, when you let the little ones build their own tacos, they're more excited about eating 'em!


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Stress-Free Grilling

Grilling a steak is one of the easiest and purist ways to enjoy beef. Most of your favorite lean cuts take less than 30 minutes to prep and grill, and all you need for flavor is a little salt and pepper. Simple and low-maintenance. Check out this video and get ready to fire up the grill.


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Easy Lean Beef Burgers

Grilling burgers is super easy, and the perfect way to add sizzle to any weeknight dinner or weekend BBQ. Learn how to put a nutritious spin on an American classic by using 93% lean ground beef and fresh toppings like avocado, lettuce and tomato. Delicious hamburgers with a nutrition boost.


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