Savor the Flavor of Umami

The flavor of beef and the protein it provides are the primary reasons why Americans love it so much. And it's the craving for beef that keeps people coming back for more. What's driving this flavor intensity? The credit goes to umami (pronounced oo-MOM-ee), derived from umai, the Japanese word for delicious. As the bona fide fifth taste, umami is simply described as meaty or savory, yet it’s actually complex protein components – amino acids – that are the source of these immensely flavorful compounds that are released during cooking. Better yet, when beef is paired with other umami-rich foods, the result is a synergistic flavor explosion.

Our newly created recipes capitalize on the power of umami:

Grilled Southwest Steaks with Sunset Salad–Lean Eye Round Steaks benefit from the spicy tenderizing marinade, yet it's the grilled corn and bell peppers, along with the ripe tomatoes, that make this colorful recipe an umami superstar.

Saucy Skillet Meatballs and Potatoes– This saucy twist on an Italian classic highlights the depth of umami by marrying canned tomatoes, garlic, potatoes and Parmesan cheese with the ground beef.

Caribbean Flank Steak with Coconut Rice– The toasting of the coconut and almonds enhances the umami impact of this tropical dish. Lean Flank Steak is tender and juicy thanks to the fruity marinade and a watchful eye on the doneness.

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