Questions About Beef? Just ask Chuck

From recipes to cuts to cooking tips and more, Chuck Knows Beef is your go-to guy – or robot – for all the beefy answers. Powered by Google Artificial Intelligence, Chuck can provide all the information found on Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. through the ease of your computer, mobile phone, Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

Chuck Knows Beef on the Web

Chat with Chuck Knows Beef on the web or your mobile device. Just visit or access Chuck through Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. to ask all of your beef-related questions.

Start the Conversation 

Chuck Knows Beef on Amazon Alexa

Download the Chuck Knows Beef skill on your Amazon Echo through the Alexa app. Simply say, “Alexa, activate Chuck Knows Beef,” and have a chat with Chuck!

Enable Chuck Knows Beef 

Chuck Knows Beef on Google Home

Download the Chuck Knows Beef command on your Google Home Assistant and say, “Hey Google, activate Chuck Knows Beef,” to start the conversation.

Enable Chuck Knows Beef 

5 Things to Know About Chuck Knows Beef


Chuck Knows Beef - from recipes and cuts to nutrition and cooking tips. Plus, a whole lot more!

Easily Accessible

Quickly access Chuck at, or simply enable Chuck Knows Beef with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

Powered by Google AI

Chuck Knows Beef is powered by Google Artificial Intelligence, instantly accessing and serving up your beefy answers.

constantly learning

Just like beef, Chuck gets better with age. He’s always learning and adapting to better answer your questions.

fun personality

Chuck isn’t ALL business. He has a fun personality, his own favorite song and enjoys a good dad joke from time to thyme.