Beef Means Business – Chef Gus Martin

Chef Gus Martin serves as executive chef of Dickie Brennan & Co, the restaurant group behind Palace Cafe, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse, Bourbon House and Tableau, all located in New Orleans’ picturesque French Quarter. While beef is obviously a key staple at the steakhouse, Chef Martin speaks to how beef is important to the company’s business across all its concepts, even with an emphasis on seafood dominant Creole cuisine. In this series of Beef Means Business videos, Chef Martin speaks to the versatility and profitability of beef, his favorite beef cuts, and how the restaurant concepts creatively Creolize beef dishes.

Beef Means Versatility

Chef Martin speaks to the versatility of beef: how it goes beyond center of the plate and how different portion sizes drive business at lunch and dinner.

Beef Means Creativity

Chef Martin discusses how beef plays an important role on their menus, which typically emphasize Creole cuisine. Beef dishes are Creolized with the use of seasoning blends, sauces and accompaniments that give beef authentic Creole flair.

Beef Means Flavor

Chef Martin shares why he loves cooking with beef. He discusses flavor profiles and aging, as well as his favorite cuts.

Beef Means Profits

Chef Martin discusses how beef raises check averages, as diners splurge more on a great bottle of wine and sides when enjoying a good steak.