It’s way more than just a kitchen: The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Culinary Center, funded by the Beef Checkoff

Laura Hagen | July 24, 2019

culinary center

Don’t you dare call it a “kitchen!” At the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association office, there’s the staff kitchen, where employees nuke last night’s leftovers, and then there’s the NCBA Culinary Center, funded by the Beef Checkoff. Way more than a kitchen, the Culinary Center is a beef-centric educational destination which provides culinary support and resources for Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. programming and beyond. Equipped with the latest residential appliances and cutting-edge commercial equipment, the Culinary Center serves as the home base for a trained and experienced team of culinary professionals focused on the common goal of increasing demand for beef, on behalf of beef farmers and ranchers.

Designed with the beef industry’s supply chain partners in mind, the Culinary Center hosts a variety of programs intended to help retailers, foodservice operators, manufacturers and distributors sell more beef:

Recipe Development

The testing area centers around consumer recipe development and recipes for the Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. recipe database. This database powers the recipe section of our website, as well as the Beef API, which can be leveraged by supply chain partners to share recipes and beef cut information via their own websites and apps. Using consumer ingredients, cooking utensils and equipment, the testing team follows a rigorous process for developing recipes with trained testers running through each recipe no fewer than three times (a Triple-Tested guarantee) to ensure success for consumers.  

Foodservice recipe testing occurs on the commercial side of the Culinary Center on equipment normally found in the back of the house of a restaurant, but the same testing protocols apply.

Supply Chain Support

Supply chain partners often have different needs. From help with beef cooking instructions on a label, to working with partners on co-branded recipes, to social media videos to training videos for an entire national chain, the chefs use their expertise to support internal relationship managers working with retailers, foodservice distributors, foodservice operators, packers/processors and manufacturers. 

For an example of our supply chain partnerships, check out the foodservice recipes our culinary team developed in conjunction with McCormick for Chefs®. 

Exploratory Labs

At least once a month, the chefs connect for a lab day centered around an educational need: learning more about opportunity beef cuts, utilizing alternative cooking methods, applying beef to new consumer equipment or investigating culinary trends, including new ingredients and flavor profiles. The work done here is carefully recorded and informs a variety of content for Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. including Foodservice Inspiration & Insights.

recipe testing
Social Media Content

The chefs provide a voice for Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. on its social media platforms including Facebook Lives. From recipe demos and tips for beef cooking to beef fabrication, beef experts deliver credible messages which resonate with audiences.

Influencer Programs

Visitors to the Culinary Center receive a guided tour, a space to brainstorm and ideate beef concepts and recipes, and the equipment and tools to participate in hands-on activities. Just spending time in the culinary center is an education as the chefs work side-by-side with visitors and Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. team members in a variety of capacities. No matter the skill level, there are hands-on-activities that can showcase beef to consumers, influencers and chefs. 

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Recipe testing

Food Production

The chefs provide food production for in-house meetings and special events that enable NCBA to showcase beef to its valued guests.

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