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Check out a variety of educational resources focused on a broad range of beef-related topics. If you are a health professional seeking continuing education credits, check out the Beef Nutrition Education Hub, tailored to support the needs of the health and nutrition community. 

Educational Webinars


Alarming and growing numbers of people throughout the world do not have access to safe, affordable, healthy diets that help lay the foundation for good health and well-being — making the discussions surrounding sustainable, healthy diets and food and nutrition insecurity of increasing importance and urgency. Registered dietitian, Clancy Harrison, MS, RDN, FAND, and food futurist, Jack Bobo, will discuss sustainable, healthy diets in the context of the social-cultural and economic dimensions in our current food system and describe the role that animal source foods play in sustainable, healthy, culturally relevant dietary patterns.

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The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasize the need to “make every bite count” with nutrient-dense foods. This webinar will focus on the evidence behind beef’s role in closing the gap on critical nutrient shortfalls commonly experienced during the early and adolescent years.

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During this webinar, Nicholas Burd, PhD and Heather Leidy, PhD, will examine the science behind novel markers of strength – such as hand grip strength – that dietitians can use to measure health status across the lifespan. They will also address the role of nutrition in optimizing personal health and wellness, providing evidence-based research and tools that can be incorporated into dietetic practice.

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During this webinar, you’ll discover the history of meat-eating, starting with our earliest ancestors to meat’s role in today’s health and wellness trends. Join us for a discussion with Food Historian, Rachel Laudan, PhD, and Paleoanthropologist Briana Pobiner, PhD who will unpack this “meaty” topic, combining a historical perspective with a little food for thought on what it means for our contemporary food and health environment.

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This webinar focuses on the latest evidence surrounding the role of nutrition during middle age for maximizing well-being, quality of life and independence in later years. Join us as researcher Stephan van Vliet, PhD and registered dietitian Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RDN, FAND translate the science into simple lifestyle strategies that will empower your clients and patients to make healthy choices now for a stronger future tomorrow. 

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Triple-U Ranch


Learn how, environmentally, cattle play a unique role in our food system, and how beef farmers and ranchers are contributing to a more sustainable food supply. Join us as animal agriculture expert, Sara Place, PhD and registered dietitian, Amy Myrdal Miller, MS, RDN, FAND discuss common controversial topics related to the role of beef in a healthy, sustainable diet, review the evidence quantifying the environmental impacts of beef production, and identify ways in which you, as a health professional, can effectively communicate the evidence and provide realistic recommendations for consumers and your clients.

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Join us as protein expert Stuart Phillips, PhD, FACN, FACSM and registered dietitian Jim White, RD, ACSM EX-P share research on the health benefits of high-quality protein in fueling strong bodies and minds. Meal inspiration and other related fitness tips that give you (and your clients) the strength to be your best self at every life stage will also be provided.

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Virtual Learning Opportunities

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Eating in the Early Years E-Vent

The Eating in the Early Years E-Vent is an immersive virtual experience you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Join us as researchers and health professionals review and discuss the current state of the science surrounding nutrition recommendations for birth to 24 months, unpack what and how we feed infants and toddlers, and determine ways to inspire behavior change to improve nutrition outcomes in the early years. All sessions included in this educational program have been approved for CPEUs by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

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Learn more about how your food is raised so you can confidently and accurately share information about beef production, labeling claims, and the nutritional value of beef with your audiences. This educational program has been approved for up to 7 CPEUs by the CDR. Be sure to register as a dietetics professional to be eligible for CPEUs.

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third-party educational Podcasts


Sound Bites Podcast Episode 154: Diabetes & Heart Health, New Research on Lean Beef with Dr. Kevin Maki and host melissa joy dobbins

Nearly half of American adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease and 10% of Americans have type 2 diabetes, making it more important than ever that people have accurate, science-based nutrition advice to support a healthy diet.1,2 During this episode, host Melissa Joy Dobbins will interview guest expert and principal investigator, Dr. Kevin Maki about his new research, which shows that up to about 6 ounces of lean, unprocessed beef in a healthy diet as a replacement for carbohydrates does not increase risk factors for heart disease or diabetes. This new research adds to the growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating that lean beef can be part of higher-protein, heart-healthy diet.3,4 This educational activity has been approved for 1.5 CPEUs by the CDR.

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Sound Bites Podcast Episode 143: The Truth About Greenhouse Gasses & Agriculture with Dr. Frank Mitloehner and host melissa joy dobbins

Ensuring a sustainable food system is one of the greatest social challenges today. A sustainable food system must pay attention to three pillars of sustainability (social, economic and environmental), which means balancing important issues such as food access, nutritional quality and environmental impacts. This episode will provide listeners with an overview of how animal agriculture fits into a sustainable food system and provide context to existing data on animal agriculture’s carbon footprint. This episode will also offer insight into mitigation opportunities in the United States and discuss how the United States can serve as a roadmap for global animal agriculture. This educational activity has been approved for 1 CPEU by the CDR.

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Sound Bites Podcast Episode 104: Cow Gas, Upcycling & Beef Sustainability with Dr. Sara Place and Host Melissa Joy Dobbins 

We recognize that there is a need for more nuanced assessments of the whole food system that account for the relationships between the three pillars of sustainability and the integration across agricultural production systems that provide individual food items to consumers’ plates. Tune into the Sound Bites Podcast, Episode 104: Cow Gas, Upcycling & Beef Sustainability, to hear Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RD, CDE and guest expert Sara Place, PhD, discuss the role that ruminants play in our food system, the environmental impacts of beef and how agriculture in the U.S. has changed over time. This educational activity has been approved for 1 CPEU by the CDR.

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Farm to Gym Workout

sounds bites podcast Episode 128: The Science of Strength with Dr. Mike Roussell and host melissa joy dobbins

Join us as research scientist, protein expert, and the author of Strength: The Field Manual, Mike Roussell, PhD shares insights on the health benefits of high-quality protein in fueling strong bodies and minds. This episode will provide insights on the four corners of eating to support strength and provide nutrition professionals with practical tips to help their clients and patients build and maintain strength, thereby improving performance and quality of life. This educational webinar has been approved for 1 CPEU by the CDR.

Additional Resources



In this educational webinar, Can Meat Take the Heat, or Should it Get Out of the Kitchen? Meat Cooked at High Temperature and Cancer Risk, research scientists help address some of the misperceptions surrounding red meat consumption and cancer risk. Robert Turesky, PhD, BSc (University of Minnesota) and Jane Pouzou, PhD (EpiX Analytics) discussed compounds that are formed in cooked meats and poultry, highlighting the level of uncertainty in the scientific evidence. Steven Clinton, MD, PhD (The Ohio State University) then provided a summary of the current findings of the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute of Cancer Research 3rd expert report in which the authors downgraded the strength of evidence on red meat and cancer risk from previous reports. This educational webinar has been approved for 1.5 CPEUs by the CDR.

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