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“At Easterday Ranches we like to say ‘we pack family pride in every package.’” - Cody Easterday

As a third-generation rancher growing up in the Columbia River basin, Cody Easterday, owner of Easterday Ranches, learned the how to raise cattle at an early age. At 18, he bought his own herd and actively studied ways to improve raising cattle.  In 2008, he built an innovative, state of the art feedyard in order to make sure that cattle would receive the best care. Easterday Ranches now consists of three feedyards with more than 70,000 head of cattle and 18,000 acres of onions, potatoes, corn and wheat.

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Facts At A Glance:


cattle feeding facilities


Generations in the Columbia river basin


head of cattle


is the age Cody started his own herd


veterinarians are on the team to look over cattle

“I’m most proud of the people here. You can have the best nutritional and health programs around, but without these guys implementing the programs day to day, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.” - Dr. Bob Brandt (Nutritionist)

"A very integral part of our duty here is to provide the five freedoms to cattle: freedom from thirst and hunger, freedom from injury, freedom from disease, freedom from abnormal behavior and most importantly, it’s freedom from any anxiety or stress.” - Dr. Tom Noffsinger (Veterinarian)

“One of the newest innovations that we’ve utilized at the feedyard is a sprinkler system. The sprinkler system is automated to spray water briefly every 30 minutes or so, across the cattle pens, in order to keep the cattle cool and comfortable, while also making sure that we keep the amount of dust at the feedyard to the lowest possible standards.” - Cody Easterday

Meet Your Rancher:

Tell us about the history of your feedyard.

Cody Easterday (CE) “We are 4 generations deep in the Columbia River basin and we do row crop farming, potatoes and onions, and also operate three feeding facilities with about 70,000 head of cattle.”

Why are feedyards important to raising beef?

CE “Feedyards are instrumental in helping make sure that we raise high-quality beef while making the best use of natural resources possible. Cattle at the feedyard receive constant attention and care from pen riders to veterinarians to animal nutritionists to make sure the cattle are safe and healthy. As science, research and animal care best practices continue to progress, we carefully use these advancements to improve the way we raise beef.”

Tell us about what cattle eat at the feedyard.

Dr. Bob Brandt (Nutritionist) “The goal of cattle feeding is to optimize lean beef production in the most efficient and sustainable manner. My responsibility is to formulate diets with the right mix of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to help the cattle at the feedyard thrive and grow. I also train personnel at the feedyard to make sure that they know exactly how much the cattle need to eat and exactly the right mixture to put into their ration.”

Tell us about the team at your ranch.

Sam Cossio (General Manager) “We have a team of pen riders that look at these cattle every day at least once, if not twice, depending on what they think that animal may need. Everyone is looking at the cattle and we’re always assessing their situation. I always tell my guys they have three jobs. They have to make sure the animals are eating, drinking and that they’re content. I feel like me and my team, together with the Easterday family, helped build this place.”

What does it mean to you to be part of the team at Easterday Ranches.

Noe Figueroa “I came from Mexico when I was 12 years old, so everything that I learned about cattle, I learned here. For me, I’m living the American dream and I’m proud of what we do here.”

If you could ask consumers to “rethink” what they believe about beef– what’s the one thing you’d want them to think about again?

CE “I hear people say from time to time I wish my food was produced like it was 15 years ago. I tell you right now, you don’t want your food produced like we did it yesterday. Today, thanks to the technologies that we have at our feedyard, we’re able to keep the animals more comfortable, we’re able to improve the environment around us and we’re ultimately able to raise the safest, healthiest beef for people around the world. The goal of our team is to constantly look for innovation and ways that we can improve the way we raise food – today and tomorrow. And that’s what we’re about here.”

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Cattle spend their final 4-6 months at a feedyard being fed a scientifically-balanced diet and receiving daily care.

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