Chuck Knows Beef for Retailers

The way consumers shop and interact with brands is changing. Mobile devices and smart speakers have made “going shopping” as antiquated as phone booths and CD players, because it’s now possible to shop anywhere at any time through a growing number of channels. At the same time, we know that shoppers are looking for more information about their food.

According to the 2018 Power of Meat Study, 83% of shoppers only purchase a few cuts of meat, but 42% would branch out with more cut knowledge.​ ​Shoppers often don’t have the patience to wait to talk to someone at the meat case, or don’t want to interact with a human at all, but they still want recipes and answers to questions about meat preparation and shelf life. The same study revealed the industry can drive demand, and sales, by teaming up to enhance shoppers' meat knowledge. With more knowledge, shoppers purchase a greater variety of cuts and increase store loyalty, spending and trips.1

Where are shoppers looking for this information? In 2017, the average American adult spent 5.9 hours with digital media, with the majority of that spent on their mobile device.2 Additionally, ComScore predicts more than 50% of searches will be voice-basedand Voicebot reports more than 40% of smart speaker users use them in the kitchen.4 Because of this, the Beef Checkoff has invested in developing something, or rather someone, who can educate and entertain shoppers on their favorite devices.

"Meat" Chuck

Meet Chuck Knows Beef, the only all-knowing beef expert powered by Google Artificial Intelligence. He has the know-how of a rancher, the skills of a chef … and the sense of humor of, well … a dad. Chuck Knows Beef can answer questions about everything from cuts, to cooking, to recipes. Chuck provides an easy and natural way for shoppers to select the right cut and learn the right way to cook it​. 

Chuck Knows Beef is available on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but you can meet him right now on your mobile device or desktop by visiting


Alexa, ask Chuck Knows Beef what is a good meatball recipe?


Ask Chuck Knows Beef what is marbling?


Hey Google, ask Chuck Knows Beef what is sirloin?


Ask Chuck Knows Beef where's the beef?

Chuck increases shoppers’ meat knowledge, which has the potential to increase your sales.

By introducing your shoppers to Chuck, you can help increase their knowledge without increasing your training or labor costs. Market research and search analysis indicate cut information and cooking tips are the most commonly requested beef content and are key drivers of purchase intent.5

Additionally, Chuck Knows Beef is prepared to answer questions your shoppers may have about nutrition as well as production topics, such as sustainability and the use of hormones. Chuck has access to all of the expertly sourced content on to answer questions in these areas.

Put Chuck to Work

Make Chuck a part of your meat team to enhance shopper loyalty and ultimately drive meat case sales. Use these assets to introduce your shoppers to Chuck! 

Digital Assets
In-store Assets

Download and print these assets to display by your meat case.

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