Tony Romo's holiday PLaybook

No matter the setting, no matter the holiday, beef is always there to elevate the time you share with others. So this holiday season, take your beef game to the next level with Tony Romo's Holiday Playbook. Find delicious beef recipes for every occasion from quick-and-easy weeknight meals to tried-and-true classic holiday dinners.


Classic Recipes

Two-Minute Drill

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Throwback Recipes

When it comes to the holidays, it's hard to beat the classics. Enjoy some classic holiday beef dishes for the whole family, no matter how big or small.

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The ultimate holiday recipe. No fuss, no hassle and always a winner.

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Classic Beef Wellington

Classic Beef wellington

Juicy Tenderloin wrapped in a puff pastry. This recipe is the perfect holiday play.

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Classic Braised Beef Brisket


There's no need to rush in order to win with this recipe. Go low-and-slow on a braised Brisket for a tried-and-true classic.

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No-Fuss Beef Lasagna

No-Fuss Lasagna

When it's time to deliver during the holidays, going with the "no-fuss" option is a sure way to win. So go with this No-Fuss Beef Lasagna

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Tony's Call: "The Romo family loves beef. We like to gather with our friends and family, come together, enjoy our time and a hearty beef dish does just that."

Two-Minute Drill Recipes

The entire holiday season can be hectic, so I like to turn to these Two-Minute Drill recipes. I know they work in a crunch and deliver unbeatable results for those weeknight holiday dinners.

Beef Stroganoff Pasta Recipes

Easy Beef Stroganoff

A delicious dinner that's sure to warm you up during those winter nights and it's ready in less than 30 minutes.

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Beefy Harvest Soup

Beefy Harvest soup

A hearty, warm soup that's ready in less than 30 minutes? Talk about clutch.

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Beefed Up Mac & Cheese

Beefed Up Mac and Cheese

When times running out it's no time to get fancy. Shredded Pot Roast added to Mac and Cheese is a meal the entire family will love.

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Meatball Sub

Lean Meatball Subs

This Meatball Sub recipe always delivers in crunch time. Both kids and parents love this one.

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Kickoff Coverage Recipes

Whether it's a holiday dinner, a holiday party or a football game, you have to get off to a strong start. These recipes are my go-to appetizers for getting things kicked off during the holiday season.

Spicy Korean Beef and Cucumber Appetizer


Start things off on a hot streak with this Spicy Korean Beef appetizer.

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Mini Skewered Beef Meatballs and Vegetables


Get things kicked off properly with these Holiday Mini Beef Meatball Skewers. Serve with a Cranberry Barbecue Sauce for an additional holiday flair.

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Italian Beef Meatball Sandwich Rolls

Italian Beef Meatball Sandwich Rolls

Impress the crowd with these sandwich rolls. So much flavor packed into a handheld snack.

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Bite-Sized Sweet and Spicy Beef Ribs


Starting a part off with this recipe is the surest way to secure a win.

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Going to the Replay

These appetizer recipes from my new commercial spots are so good you may need to replay them over and over.

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Steak Crostini with Horseradish Whip

Talk about serving holiday memories. Serving a good Beef Crostini will be remembered for years to come. Trust me.

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Reuben Bites

Serve these Reuben bites as a bite sized version of the fan favorite. Just don't fumble these.

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Tiny Taco BEef Tarts

This Tiny Taco Beef Tart is not only a recipe that's fun to make and fun to eat, it's even fun to say.

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mini merry meatballs

The meatballs might be mini but there is plenty of merry to go around when these are served.

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Tony's Call: "I’m still thinking about the Beef Crostinis I had at a holiday event last year."

New Favorite Recipes

All holiday classics were once something new, and these new recipes will be the classics by the time the meal is over. So call an audible and go with your next family favorite.

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Green Peppercorn Crusted Strip Roast with Red Wine Sauce

This Strip Roast recipe just screams "Holiday Dinner". With red wine sauce and green peppercorns, even the ingredients are festive.

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Garlic Roasted Tenderloin with Gremolata Sauce

This roasted Beef Tenderloin recipe, topped with a Gremolata sauce, will be the star of any dinner celebration.

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Cheesy Beef Artichoke Dip

Use leftover Beef Pot Roast to take this classic cheesy artichoke dip recipe to the next level.

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Deconstructed Beef Tamales with Chimichurri Sauce

This deconstructed Beef Tamale recipe using Ground Beef is a new twist on an old favorite.

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Extra Point Recipes

We've already scored with a delicious beef recipe. Now let's go for the extra point with some leftovers. But don't worry, with these recipes the kick is always good.

Shredded Beef & Egg Quesadillas

shredded beef and egg quesadillas

Leftover beef roast quesadilla with the addition of eggs and green chilies is the extra point that secures the win.

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Breakfast Skillet Tacos

breakfast skillet tacos

This recipe is up and it's good. Use leftover beef roast in these easy-to-assemble breakfast beef tacos.

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Roast Beef Cheddar Pockets

roast beef cheddar pockets

So simple but so delicious. Use leftover Beef Pot Roast and sharp cheddar cheese to make these great handheld snacks.

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Beef Green Chili

beef green chili

This soul-warming chili is simple to prepare, uses leftover beef roast and perfect for cold winter days.

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Tony's Call: "My favorite way to use leftovers? How about leftover dinner for breakfast?"

Cozy Comfort Recipes

There's nothing better than a warm, cozy comfort dish during the holiday season. On these plays, we're going to slow it down and savor the season.

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beef chili

A warm bowl of Beef Chili is the best way to settle in to the holiday month and this play couldn't be any easier.

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North Woods Hearty Beef Pot Roast

north woods hearty pot roast

Growing up in Wisconsin, the North Woods were home and this recipe reminds me for the holidays, there's no place like home.

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Cowboy Beef Stew

cowboy beef stew

You don't have to be a Cowboy to go with this recipe. The hearty combination of beans, beef and tomatoes will satisfy any hunger.

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classic beef meatloaf

Going with a Classic Meatloaf play will always result in a win for the entire family.

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Tony and Romo and Beef: Your New Favorite Co-Workers

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The Holidays Aren’t Complete Without Beef, Family… and Tony Romo?

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Cuts for the wish list

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ribeye roast (Prime RIb)

The Prime Rib, the classic holiday roast. With its rich, beefy flavor, you can’t go wrong.

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Classic Beef Tenderloin with Cranberry Drizzle

tenderloin roast

This roast is lean, succulent and full of great flavor. 

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Strip Roast

This centerpiece roast is juicy, tender and full of flavor. 

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the Keys to victory

2021 Holiday BIWFD photography)

Oven roasting basics

Don’t stress over the cooking and spend more time with your guests by oven roasting. This simple cooking method uses a lower temperature over a longer period of time, allowing you to "set it and forget it."

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Prime Rib Holiday

oven roasting cooking times

Find the recommended oven roasting times for the some of the most popular beef cuts this holiday season. With these guidelines and an instant read thermometer, you'll have a nicely done roast every time.

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Smoked Herb Rib Roast


The most important tool for properly carving your roast is a sharp knife — be safe! If you're using a meat fork, don't pierce the roast to hold it in place. Use the back of the fork instead (tongs work great, too). If you have a rib roast, cut each slice along the rib bone. Always cut across the grain for maximum tenderness.