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Let the chefs and supply chain experts at Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. inspire ways to increase beef sales for your business. Learn the latest trends in beef, discover new and innovative cuts and explore some new menu inspirations that will help promote beef on the menu or in the meat case.

Beef Means Business

Chef Adam Hegsted of the Washington state-based Eat Good Group explains how beef is good for his bottom line. With a variety of restaurant concepts ranging from upper end to fast casual, Chef Hegsted appreciates beef’s versatility and craveability.

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Seoul Steak and Eggs

Inspiration for the Sirloin Bavette

The Sirloin Bavette is a boneless cut from the Sirloin primal and is similar to Skirt and Flank Steaks. While commonly used as fajita strips, the Sirloin Bavette provides chefs with a canvas for creative and innovative menu ideas.

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