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Say Aloha to the sizzle, Hawaii, and join your fellow Americans as we wheel out our grills for United We Steak.

Hawaiian Beef Fajita Bowl

Hawaiian Beef Fajita Bowl

This recipe is paradise in a bowl. Grilled Flank Steak and brown rice with peppers and pineapple salsa topped with coconut flakes for a complete island experience.

meet hawaii rancher: Jimmy Greenwell

Meet Jimmy Greenwell of Palani Ranch on the island of Hawaii. He says, "our goal is to pass on the land to the next generations in better shape than we found it. There are a lot of benefits that flow from grazing lands like ours to the broader community including their scenic value, cultural significance, carbon sequestration qualities, habitat preservation and watershed value."

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hawaii fact

Cowboys in Hawaii are known as paniolo, due to the original cowboys in Hawaii coming from Mexico and speaking Spanish.