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Let’s heat things up, Grill-inois! Join us at the grill this summer and celebrate with your fellow Americans and together, United We'll Steak.

Beef Steak Gyros

beef steak gyros

The Land of Lincoln sure knows its way around the grill. Try grilled Flat Iron Steaks with a refreshing yogurt sauce for a classic gyro recipe.

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Meet Illinois Farmer: Christine Wexell

Meet Illinois farmer, Christine Wexell. Christine grew up in Oregon, Illinois near a feedlot where her grandma also owned a small farm, which piqued her interest in cattle and farming. In 2003, Christine moved to the Quad Cities where she pursued a career in nursing. Her husband and her also purchased a small farm and their first three cows. As a nurse and runner, Christine recognizes and values the benefits of knowing where beef comes from and how essential it is to a healthy and balanced diet.

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illinois fact

Illinois farmland covers 27 million acres which is about 75 percent of the state's total land area. In fact, Illinois farmers grow more pumpkins than anywhere else in the world.