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Show us what you got, Missouri, and throw down some steaks in a sizzling celebration this summer and together, United We'll Steak.

East Meets West Steak Salad

east meets west steak salad

Show me a great recipe, Show Me State. Grilled Ranch Steaks with coleslaw and nuts is your gateway to a delicious meal.

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Meet Missouri rancher: kalena bruce

Missouri rancher, Kalena Bruce, wears many hats: mother, rancher and accountant. Kalena is a 5th generation rancher working on the land her family has been ranching since the Civil War in Stockton, Missouri. Her days are long but her outlook on life is very bright as she raises quality beef for familiess around the world.  Through the trials and tribulations of living on a ranch, Kalena has learned the importance of having perseverance and is passing those life lessons along to her daughter.

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missouri fact

Missouri farms cover over 60% of the state's total land acreage and support many of the state's agricultural indsutries like soybeans, corn, cattle, hogs, and turkeys.