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When it comes to grilling, Nevada, don’t gamble with your dinner. Join Americans everywhere this summer as we celebrate with a sizzle and United We Steak.

Smoky Grilled Strip Steaks with Mexican-Style Corn


This recipe is worth going all-in for. Throw seasoned Strip Steaks and corn on the grill for a smoky Mexican-style meal.

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Meet Nevada Ranchers: the Pommerening Family

For the Pommerenings, ranching is a family affair. Currently, four generations help with the family cow-calf operation, located in the heart of western Nevada. For them, ranching is at the center of all family time. And when you consider that their family motto is "#cowsfirst", that comes as no surprise. Just like other ranching families in Nevada and the west, the Pommerenings use age-old tradition with modern practices to provide the best care for their livestock, and produce the most high-quality beef for you.  

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nevada Fact

Nevada is the nation’s epicenter for Cowboy Poetry. Every January, cowboys, ranchers and enthusiasts make their way to Elko, Nevada for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. While the modern gathering began in 1985, some say there was a cowboy poetry event in Elko back in 1926.