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It’s shore a good day to grill, New Jersey. Fire it up and celebrate summer and together, United We'll Steak.

Grecian Beef Top Loin Steaks and Mushroom Kabobs


Down the shore everything's all right when this recipe is on the grill. Grilled Strip Steaks with mushrooms, lemon and feta will make everyone fall in love with a Jersey grill.

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meet new jersey farmers: David and Rachel Sickler

Meet David and Rachel Sickler of Sickler's Circle View Farm, a first generation family farm located in Monroeville, NJ. The Sicklers pride themselves on practicing regenerative and sustainable techniques to raise their crops, cattle, and hogs, while providing high quality meats they sell direct to their community. What had started on a growing demand for their beef has developed into a tradition of excellence they hope to continue for generations to come. 

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New Jersey Fact

Holding true to it's state nickname "The Garden State", New Jersey is number three in the nation for cranberry production, and is number one in the nation in harvested acres of eggplant.