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Fire up the grill, North Carolina, and join your fellow Americans this summer and United We'll Steak.

Sunrise Beef Steak

sunrise beef steak

What's better than sweet potatoes and grilled steak? Maybe the Tobacco Road Rivalry, but it's a close call. Grilled Flat Iron Steak, mashed sweet potatoes, arugula salad, and a spicy-sweet sauce make a delicious meal.

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Meet North Carolina Farmers: jason and natalie farmer

Meet Jason and Natalie Farmer of Louisburg, North Carolina. As third generation farmers, they are raising their children to appreciate the land and cattle they take care of every day. They have a diversified farm that includes row crops and cattle. They are an excellent example of how young farmers in North Carolina are maintaining farming traditions while embracing innovation and raising the next generation. 

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North Carolina Fact

North Carolina's diversified agriculture ranges from cattle, Christmas trees, broiler chickens, trout, produce, eggs, pork, and peanuts. All 100 counties have cattle for a state total of over 800,000.