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From the Pan to the Handle, Oklahoma is a state made for steak. Join your fellow Americans at the grill this summer for a sizzling celebration as United We Steak.


grilled cowboy ribeye steaks

Oklahoma has never met a steak it didn't like and this one is no different- especially because the Ribeye is the state steak of Oklahoma. A simple rub with thyme, garlic, paprika on Ribeye Steaks tastes like you're eating on the open range.

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Meet Oklahoma RAncher: terry stuart forst

Meet Terry Stuart Forst of Stuart Ranch in Waurika, Oklahoma. Stuart Ranch is the oldest ranch in Oklahoma under continuous family ownership. It has been in business since 1868, and their grandson is the seventh generation on this four-county ranch.  According to Terry, "In agriculture, your word is your bond. You respect and honor your land and livestock. You value tradition, legacy and integrity. These values should be reassuring to everyone that we are producing the best and safest food of any country in the world." 

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Oklahoma Fact

Cattle are raised in all 77 counties of Oklahoma, accounting for 5.3 million cattle. While Oklahoma is a leading producer of beef and wheat, it is also a leading producer of sesame, a drought and pest tolerant crop.