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Great faces, great places and incredible beef. Join your fellow Americans at the grill, South Dakota, this summer as United We Steak.

Beef Sirloin Kabobs with Roasted Red Pepper Dipping Sauce


The Badlands sure have some great steaks. Cubed and grilled Sirloin Steaks with a red-pepper dipping sauce will make you rush for more.

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Meet South Dakota Ranchers: Todd and Deb Mortenson

Meet Todd, Deb and their son Quinn of Mortenson Ranch, an 18,000-acre ranch located in west-central South Dakota along the Cheyenne River. The ranch has been in the  family for well over a hundred years and is currently being run by the third generation. The environmental stewardship exhibited on the ranch has long been a source of pride for the Mortensons. The ranch has won numerous conservation awards including The Leopold Award and National Cattlemen's Beef Association Region 7 Environmental Stewardship Award. The ranch continues to host tours as a way to demonstrate to the public how a working ranch benefits the land and all the species that depend on it. The diversity of plants and wildlife species is something to behold.

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South Dakota is a leading state for cattle, hogs, lambs, sheep and wool production.