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Welcome to the Evergreen Steak! This summer, join your fellow Americans in a savory celebration of United We Steak.

Grilled Espresso Steaks

Grilled espresso steaks

Coffee and steak "rain" supreme in Washington. Grilled Tri-Tip steaks rubbed in an espresso blend and served with bacon, mushrooms, blue cheese and crispy shallots has tons of flavor.

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meet washington rancher: Kyler Beard

Meet Washington rancher Kyler Beard. Along with his wife Judy and daughter Jossie, he is a first generation rancher from Ellensburg, Washington. His partnership with a local brewery is a shining example of working with the resources around him to sustainably produce the delicious beef everyone craves. He feeds his cattle nutritious feed including the grains left over from the brewing process that would otherwise end up in a landfill. To bring the cycle full circle, beef from Kyler's ranch is a fixture on the breweries' tasting room menu. 

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washington fact

Washington leads the nation in apple production, but the diverse climate allows Washington farmers to produce over 300 different crops including beef, milk, wheat, potatoes, hay, hops, cherries and grapes.