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Grill like you mean it, Wisconsin. Join America at the grill for a celebration of United We Steak.

Balsamic and Blue Cheese Steak Sandwich


Grill Flank Steak and serve with arugula, blue cheese and ciabatta bread for a fresh and tasty sandwich. Grill On, Wisconsin.

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meet wisconsin farmers: jim and sarah peterson

Meet Wisconsin beef farmers, Jim and Sarah Peterson of Kewaskum, Wisconsin. Jim and his daughter Sarah own and operate Hillside Farm where they work together to manage their family farm. The Petersons raise around 600 dairy steers a year, and they raise the majority of their own feed on 300 acres of corn, beans, barley, wheat and oats. They are committed to sustainable farming and regularly incorporate by-products from the local ethanol plant in their cattle feed.

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Wisconsin Fact

While Wisconsin leads the nation in production of snap beans, cranberries, and ginseng, the meat industry is still at the heart of the state. In fact, the Green Bay Packers name originated from a meat packing company.