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Family Dinner Ground Beef


Meat and poultry consumption is expected to hit record highs this year. But that good news has been overshadowed by recent headlines about plant-based meat substitutes. 

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beef and alcohol menu pairing

Looking for ways to maximize both beef and alcohol sales? Check out these creative menu applications that are likely to resonate with your customer base.

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Inspiring Ideas: Beef Makes Every Menu Better

There’s no shortage of options for getting more beef on your menu, from appetizers to mains to seasonal specialties.

Bao Beef Bun

Asian beef trends

Flavors from Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines are influencing beef dishes across the country. These cuisines can stand on their own or be fused together, evidenced by the French-Vietnamese, Pacific-Rim and Pan-Asian fare trending on menus today.

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Beef Ribeye Cap Po' Boy

ribeye cap menu inspiration

Removed from the outside of the Ribeye, the Ribeye Cap — aka Spinalis — offers a tender, flavorful cut of beef which can be used in a variety of menu applications. Introduce your diners to a meal they won’t soon forget.

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tender steak tannato


Don’t let this little cut from the Chuck primal fool you — the Shoulder Petite Tender is loaded with flavor and makes a great addition to any menu and is well suited to a variety of applications, from appetizers to entrees.

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Corned Beef Preparation

corned beef menu inspiration

While most consider Corned Beef synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, this versatile cut of Beef Brisket offers a variety of unique and delicious menu inspirations that can be featured year-round. 

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Seoul Steak and Eggs

sirloin bavette Menu Inspiration

This boneless cut comes from the Sirloin primal and is similar to Skirt and Flank Steaks. While commonly used as fajita strips, the Sirloin Bavette provides chefs with a canvas for creative and innovative menu ideas.

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diner and operator data

See what’s cooking — and selling well — at dining establishments across the country.

Double Date Dining


Survey research, conducted by the Beef Checkoff, revealed how Millennial consumers define “high-quality” beef and how foodservice operators can appeal to this segment through their beef offerings and their menu descriptors. In this survey, Millennial consumers were asked a variety of questions which explored their associations and preferred descriptors for high-quality beef, as well as which preparation methods and cuts they feel best indicate quality.

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Classic Beef Cheeseburgers

It’s no surprise that burgers are among millennials’ top choices when choosing to eat at a quick service establishment. For some, it even brings back sentimental childhood memories.

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To gauge effective strategies for reaching consumers, we partnered with Postmates to determine which common beef-related keywords would affect consumer behavior when boosted within the platform’s search feature.

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Beef Sirloin Flap Dry Pot


To better understand beef trends in foodservice, we executed an annual foodservice volumetric study to measure operator purchases and distributor sales of beef and other proteins across all foodservice operator segments.

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