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Consumers see Ground Beef as a versatile, affordable, and frequent meal option.  According to the Beef Checkoff-funded Consumer Beef Tracker, nearly 60% of consumers eat Ground Beef as an ingredient and over 50% consume a hamburger at least weekly. There is no doubt shoppers demand a wide variety of options when it comes to food purchases, and Ground Beef rises to this challenge.

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Beef Retail


In this highly competitive retail environment, it is important for retailers to highlight products that drive more dollars to their bottom line. We partnered with NielsenIQ, a syndicated data provider, to conduct a study utilizing their Homescan panel made up of 125,000 consumers. The panel study surveyed retail grocery shoppers and covered three main areas including shopping habits, a "cross-purchase analysis", and a demographic profile. 

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Meat food handling safety gloves and suit with mask


The pandemic highlighted interesting strengths in the beef industry. Even with inflated prices, consumers still choose beef as their protein of choice. Beef continues to remain the protein of choice for consumers and has proven to be a staple in consumers’ diets.

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Prime Rib Holiday

Holiday Beef Sales

The holidays, especially the month of December, generate higher demand for the industry at retail. With Americans gathering with family and friends and celebrating over meals, consumers demand premium beef products, such as roasts and steaks. These premium products can help drive increased sales at the retail level, and the holiday season is an important time to promote, feature, and advertise these types of products to capture consumer attention and seasonal demand.

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wholesale prices - updated weekly

Get a unique top-line view of average reported wholesale prices on beef subprimal cuts. Charts are prepared using data from USDA Market News and the VMMEAT® System by Meat Solutions.

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Retail Cut Chart

cut charts

Our beef cut posters are the most effective tools for learning about the various cuts of beef, where they come from on the carcass, and the recommended cooking method for each cut.

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yield data

Review general guidelines for approximate yields when fabricating newer beef cuts from traditional subprimals, like those from the Chuck primal. Start here, then do your own testing to dial in exact numbers for your operation.

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grab and go

Resources for Retail Dietitians

Health and nutrition are top of mind for consumers and can be a barrier when deciding to purchase beef. With more dietitians working in retail grocery, there's an opportunity for meat departments and dietitians to work together to help consumers understand the meat case, the nutritional benefits of beef, enhance food safety and provide meal solutions.

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News You Can Use

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retail meatcase

Some of the greatest tools that retail stores possess to drive consumer demand include various promotional incentives, such as circulating advertisements or digital circulars featuring items, displaying items in prominent positions or with signage in the stores, coupons, and markdowns. These different promotions help draw shoppers’ attention to store departments and the fresh meat department is no exception.

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Production claims at retail

When a consumer enters a retail store, they have more options today than ever before. Fresh beef receives a lot of focus from consumers and the beef industry is diverse and innovative in the fresh products it offers. Whether it is aging, USDA grade, or what breed of cattle the beef was derived from, consumers can find products in their local retail store to satisfy their needs.

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We executed two campaigns with Instacart — one digital and one in-store — to measure the effectiveness of varied marketing messages and strategies. See the results for yourself.

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Shopping for produce

Driving shopper traffic, particularly for stock-up trips, is critical in today’s highly competitive retail environment. While beef continues to propel meat department performance, it continues to drive total store revenue as well. 

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