Great German Recipes

Experience the delicious taste of German-inspired recipes like Schnitzel or Reuben Bites.

Thin, tender Top Round Steaks get the German treatment with bread crumbs and smoked paprika. Round out the dish with a quick warm slaw.

A short stack of subtly spicy Corned Beef topped with Swiss, kraut and Thousand Island. All the big tastes of a classic Reuben sandwich in an appetizer.

This traditionally German roast recipe is served with a brown gravy made with, of all things, gingersnap cookies. This classic dish is a must try.

Can't make it to Germany for Oktoberfest? Don't fret! Eat like <i>you're</i> there with these tasty burgers.

A classic spice blend turns lean Ground Beef into a versatile sausage that can be shaped into patties or broken into crumbles and used in dozens of recipes.

A simple baked potato turns into an Oktoberfest dish when layered with German-style beef sausage, warm kraut and a creamy mustard sauce.