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Supply Chain Procurement Resources

This page is intended as a quick reference guide for operators and professionals in the supply chain who are buying and selling beef at volume.

As a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, the Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. brand does not sell any beef products. If you are looking to bulk order beef, please contact your beef vendor(s). If you are a consumer looking for a specific cut, we recommend reaching out to your local grocery store or butcher shop to purchase beef.

Wholesale Pricing Information

The Wholesale Price Update tool gives a unique, top-line view of weekly average reported wholesale prices on beef subprimal cuts. Charts are prepared using data from USDA Market News and the VMMeat® System by Meat Solutions. Search by cut and grade. And, you can sign up for weekly updates sent straight to your inbox.

Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications for Buying and Selling Beef

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) through its Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) develops and maintains the Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications (IMPS) for meat and meat products and fresh beef is Series 100.

Reference this document for a full list of beef item numbers and additional information on topics including:

  • Added ingredients
  • Mechanical tenderization
  • Aging • State of refrigeration
  • Fat thickness levels
  • Portion thickness and weight tolerances

Series 100 IMPS
Weight Range By Cut

The Series 100 IMPS docment provides weight ranges by cut. As USDA notes in this document, these weight ranges are intended as guidelines. Carcass weights are not necessarily related to the weight of cuts within their respective weight ranges. And, other weights or ranges may be specified during ordering. Search by cut in the form below to find weight ranges.

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Weight Range By Cut

UPC and IMPS/NAMP Number
Cross-Reference Guide

While IPMS numbers are assigned for wholesale beef sales, U.P.C codes are assigned for cuts designated for retail sale. A cross-reference guide for numbers is provided on Search by cut name or number in the form below for cross-referencing.

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