FY22 Summer Grilling Lifestyle Photoshoot - Evening with friends


august 7, 2023

Planning a get together at your house and not sure what to make? The beef experts compiled recipes from some of the industry’s best chefs to help you plan the party of the summer.

Denver, CO (August 7, 2023) As summer draws to a close, it’s time to squeeze in those last-minute gatherings. Party planning can be a chore, but the Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. brand, funded by the Beef Checkoff, has partnered with three celebrity chefs to take the guesswork out of the meal prep, no matter your party size. Hosting a more intimate gathering? Wow your quests with Chef Tim Hollingsworth’s Reverse-Seared Porterhouse with a Mushroom Chimichurri. “This recipe is perfect for 2-4 people, says Hollingsworth. The mushrooms pair perfectly with the steak and add the brightness you’re looking for on a hot summer day.” The Reverse-sear method is popular with chefs and home cooks alike, and the herbs elevate the dish, making it an instant crowd pleaser.


If you’re planning a more casual get together with a few more friends, look no further than Chef Jordan Andino’s twist on the classic steak sandwich. This Tri-tip Sirloin Sandwich with Soy Glaze and Thai Coleslaw takes your summer sandwich up a notch and is ideal for a gathering of 4-6 people. “Nothing says summer like beef on the grill. This is one of those sandwiches that pleases everyone in a crowd and tastes unforgettable,” says Chef Andino. The Tri-Tip Steak is popular on the West Coast and known for it’s ease of grilling and perfect, tender results when sliced and added to a delicious sandwich.

For a larger group, Chef Brooke Williamson’s Spiced Tri-Tip Roast with Herbed Corn will be your new go to recipe. Rather than just the sirloin, the full Tri-tip roast is used in this recipe, making it ideal for a larger crowd of 6-8 people. “A Tri-Tip Roast is great for feeding a larger group. It grills up in about 20-30 minutes and can be served family-style, sliced against the grain on a platter, says Chef Williamson. I top mine with chili butter and herbed corn for that perfect summertime taste.”   

No matter your party size, time spent around the grill with family and friends will make for lasting memories. So bring your favorite people together for a delicious beef meal this summer. 

For these and more recipes visit BeefItsWhatsForDinner.com.

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