ESAP 2020


See how beef farmers and ranchers in Mississippi are raising sustainable beef through award-winning environmental efforts.


Southern Cross Farm implements and teaches others sustainability practices

Southern Cross Farm in Eupora, Mississippi was started in 2005 by Gary and Nancy Jackson. The farm focuses on a "one health" model where the plants, animals and humans can all coexist and benefit from one another. The farm uses soil samples to help understand the health of the land, which in turn affects the health and nutrition of the cattle. Using sustainability best practices that are research-based and appropriate for their specific land, Southern Cross Farms has steadily improved the conditions on their outfit. Nancy is a veterinarian specializing in food and animal medicine and Gary is an educator at a Mississippi State University extension program. Together, they are able to take their learnings and best practices and help other farmers in their area apply it to their land. For their sustainability practices, Southern Cross Farms was awarded the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award (ESAP).

"My hope for the future is that this land stays productive, and is cared for and is loved. I do feel that our place is making a difference." - Nancy Jackson, Owner, Southern Cross Farms

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Cattle Care

Brandi Karisch

Brandi Karisch, PhD, lives in Starkville, Mississippi with her husband, Matt and two boys on their cattle ranch, MBK Cattle. Along with being an animal science professor, a cattle rancher and a mom, Brandi serves as a state co-coordinator for the Beef Quality Assurance program. In this role, she travels around the state helping to educate other beef farmers and ranchers on best practices for raising cattle to produce the safest and most wholesome beef possible.

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ESAP 2020

raising beef in mississippi

Raising beef is a complex process, but throughout the entire journey, one thing remains constant – the shared commitment to raising cattle in a safe, humane and environmentally sustainable way by using the latest technology and resources. Today, there are more than 920,000 cattle and over 15,000 cattle farms in Mississippi. Learn more about Mississippi's beef farmers and ranchers who are raising beef from pasture to plate.

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mississippi fact

Mississippi has a diverse agriculture industry including beef, chicken, sweet potatoes and peanuts.