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See how Virginia beef farmers and ranchers are raising sustainable beef through land-saving, wildlife-preserving, and award-winning environmental efforts.


virginia farm honored for outstanding environmental stewardship

Located 25 miles southeast of Roanoke, Virginia, Keith Tuck is dedicated to sustainable and environmentally conscious management on his cattle operation. Tuck Farms is adjacent to Smith Mountain Lake, which provides potable water for local communities and is a tourist destination for water recreation.

Tuck's managed grazing efforts have improved animal condition, soil health and wildlife habitat. Fencing cattle out of ponds and streams has prevented erosion and repaired banks with vegetative cover, resulting in clear water.

The farm plays a positive role in the community as residential development consumes surrounding areas and serves as a picturesque setting for passing tourists.

"Rotational grazing is simple. The key to it is management. You've got to look at yourself not as a cattle producer but a forage producer who markets through cattle. You're a grass farmer." - Keith Tuck, Tuck Farms

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Tom Nixon

Tom Nixon and his family owns Glenmary Farm LLC in Orange County and Western View Plantation LLC in Culpeper County, Virginia. In addition to their grain and poultry operation, they run over 1,000 commercial cows where they calve in both the Fall and Spring. All beef is sold either wholesale or direct sale to high-end restaurants, school systems and grocery stores in Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland. 

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ESAP 2019 Region 1

raising beef in virginia

Virginia's beef industry sustains the Virginia families that raise it, and sustains the families that eat beef with a wholesome, flavor-packed protein. Virginia's farming families are a lot like you. With an average herd size of around 30 cattle, many Virginia cattlemen and women balance caring for their cattle and land with other full-time occupations. They juggle farm and house chores, meal prep, and raising a happy and healthy family. Get to know more about some of the families who raise beef in Virginia.

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Virginia Fact

Virginia’s agricultural production is one of the most diverse in the nation. In fact, 60% of Virginia Farmers own cattle and they also rank in the top 10 producing states for apples, grapes, peanuts and tomatoes.