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Beef is always the Maine course. Join Americans at the grill this summer and make the season sizzle as United We Steak.

Foil Packet Beef and Vegetable Meal


We know the Pine Tree State is always pining to get outdoors, so this recipe is perfect for all your adventures. Build a foil packet with beef, beef sausage and vegetables and cook on the grill. Perfect for a backyard grill-out or cooking in the back country.

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Meet Maine Farmers: Jesse and Corinna Caron

Meet Maine cattle farmers, Jesse and Corinna Caron of Casa Cattle Company. The Caron family has specialized in registered Belted and White Galloway cattle for 15 years. They take pride in producing high quality beef from pasture to plate while maintaining a cow herd of over 30 cattle with diverse genetics that promote the amazing beef quality traits. The Caron family maintains that hard work is rewarded with animals that provide the best beef possible.

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Maine Fact

Maine leads the world in production of wild blueberries and is 2nd in the nation in the production of maple syrup.