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Much like Vermont, beef is a natural beauty. Join Americans in a savory celebration this summer as United We Steak.

Beef Strip Steaks with Grilled Balsamic Vegetables


Maple marinades and beef go together like maple syrup and Vermont. After a dip in a maple syrup-based marinade, Strip Steaks are grilled with pears and onions to create a unique and tasty salad.

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Meet Vermont farmers: Scott and Tara Oeschger

Meet Vermont Cattle Farmers, Scott and Tara Oeschger of Spring Hill Angus. Scott and Tara are first generation cattle farmers who also own Northeast Kingdom Processing (NEK), a USDA inspected meat processing facility. The main focus is for local producers as themselves to have access to a USDA inspected processor to get their products to restaurants, markets and farmers markets in a timely manner. From farmer to farmer they know the hard work and dedication that it takes to achieve this on a daily basis. Spring Hill Angus and NEK Processing take pride in their Beef Quality Assurance certification by always evolving with the herd and current trends.

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vermont fact

Vermont is the biggest producer of maple syrup in the United States producing about 36% of the nation’s total output.