entertaining with beef

Friends, Family and Beef. The perfect ingredients to any occasion. From holiday gatherings, neighborhood block parties, family reunions to so much more, a party is better when beef is not only invited but is the guest of honor. Check out our recipes and tips to hosting a great gathering featuring beef.

Upgrade the traditional yule log to the Drool Log. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a Prime Rib roasting over an open fire this holiday season.

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Recipes to Entertain

Tiny Tace Beef Tarts

Appetizers worth sharing

Get the party started the right way by serving some of these delicious beef appetizers.

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pistachio crusted prime rib with holiday wine sauce

Holiday Entertaining Meals

For the main course serve a hearty beef roast that will satisfy every guest.

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Beef Stuffing with Apples & Cranberries

beefy side dishes

What goes great with a beef dinner? More beef on the side. 

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Cuts for a Party

Check out some of the country's favorite and most popular beef cuts for the holiday season.

Ribeye Roast_Bone In

ribeye roast (Prime RIb)

The Prime Rib, the classic holiday roast. With its rich, beefy flavor, you can’t go wrong serving this at any party.

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Tenderloin Roast

tenderloin roast

The best parties deserve the most tender beef roast. This roast is lean, succulent and full of great flavor.

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Strip Loin Roast

Strip Roast

This lean cut is great for any party. This centerpiece roast is juicy, tender and full of flavor.

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Smoked Herb Rib Roast


The most important tool for properly carving your roast is a sharp knife — be safe! If you're using a meat fork, don't pierce the roast to hold it in place. Use the back of the fork instead (tongs work great, too). If you have a rib roast, cut each slice along the rib bone. Always cut across the grain for maximum tenderness.

Entertaining Tips

Oven roasting basics

Don’t stress over the cooking and spend more time with your guests by oven roasting. This simple cooking method uses a lower temperature over a longer period of time, allowing you to "set it and forget it."

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Parmesan-Crusted Strip Roast

oven roasting cooking times

Find the recommended oven roasting times for the some of the most popular beef cuts this holiday season. With these guidelines and an instant read thermometer, you'll have a nicely done roast every time.

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While it all comes down to personal preference, we have compiled some general guidelines to finding the perfect beef and alcohol pairing.

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