French Country Beef Stew


The best part about stewing is it does all the work for you. This comforting slow cooking method takes beef’s 10 essential nutrients to an all new level by using cubes of beef mixed with vegetables and other ingredients in enough liquid to cover them all. Nothing beats beef stew!

cooking tip

Cook until fork-tender. To test for doneness, insert a double-pronged meat fork into the thickest part of the beef. When the fork can be inserted with little resistance and releases easily when pulled out, your beef is done.

Cooking Steps:

1. choose your cut or cut your own

Some of the best cuts for stewing include: Chuck Shoulder Pot Roast (purchased whole and cut into cubes), Bottom Round Roast (purchased whole and cut into cubes)  and Beef Stew Meat (often made from Round or Chuck).

2. prepare your beef

Coast beef lightly with seasoned flour if desired. Heat a small amount of oil in a heavy stockpot over medium heat. Slowly brown beef in batches, on all sides. Pour off drippings.

3. cook your beef

Cover beef with liquid (such as broth, water, juice, beer or wine). Add herbs and seasonings, as desired. Bring liquid to boil, reduce heat to low. Cover tightly and simmer over low heat to tenderize the beef and lock in flavor until fork-tender.

A small, round boneless cut that makes an Osso Buco-style roast after slow-cooking.

This lean, economical cut comes from the outside of the rear leg. It's generally best when braised, but can be roasted and sliced thinly against the grain. Bottom Round steak cuts should be marinated before grilling or broiling.

This the animal's breast, so it can be tougher because it is used for movement. An ideal cut for cooking low and slow-on the barbecue or in a slow-cooker.

Richly flavored and finely textured. Best for slow-cooking whole or grilling if very thinly sliced across the grain.

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