Best Beef Cuts for Slow-Cooking

There’s something warm and comforting about a slow-cooked savory beef meal. As the hours roll on, it grows richer and more deeply infused with flavor. Expand your slow-cooking repertoire with these proven beef cuts.

Economical and flavorful. Best when slow-cooked.

Home of the second most tender muscle and cut into Top Blade and Flat Iron Steaks.

Identified by the 7-shaped bone it contains. Rich and flavorful, it’s ideal for the slow-cooker.

A savory cut for roasting or slow-cooking to achieve a tender finish.

Lean roast that requires slow-cooking to tenderize.

This cut is a good value with loads of beef flavor. Roast to highlight natural tenderness and flavor.

A relatively inexpensive cut with loads of beef flavor. Moist and tender when slow-cooked.