Dee River Ranch


See how Alabama beef farmers and ranchers are rethinking the ranch to raise sustainable beef through land-saving, wildlife-preserving, and award-winning environmental efforts.


Alabama ranch has kept the environment in mind from the start 

From the very beginning, Dee River Ranch has kept the environment at the top of mind. While their original ranch was founded in Florida, they sold it to the state as part of the Save the Rivers program. They then moved to their new Alabama home in 1989 and have made sure to keep that environmental stewardship mindset along the way. The ranch's main focus is on soil health, primarily preventing erosion to protect local water sources. To accomplish this, Dee River Ranch has installed GPS for precision agriculture, built ground-safe heavy use areas, and have placed 4,000 acres of their land in the Conservation Reserve Program, 600 acres of which was solely dedicated to planting trees. The ranch also partners with the University of Alabama's Rural Medical Scholar program, which brings doctors-in-training to the ranch to teach them about agriculture. For their work toward sustainability, the Dee River Ranch was awarded the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award (ESAP).

"Dee River Ranch is my life. The crops, the cattle--they're not just a job to us, it's our life." - Mike Dee, Manager, Dee River Ranch


Rob Adams

In 1939, Rob Adam’s grandfather planted the Adams family roots and purchased Angus genetics and cattle. More than 80 years later, Adams Angus Farm spans across 925 acres in Union Springs, Alabama and represents one of the oldest Angus herds in Alabama. Rob and his wife, Connie, make up the third generation on the family land, while his children represent the fourth. Rob’s son, Daniel, returned to the farm after graduating college and along with his siblings, Joseph, Aspen and Layton, they all play unique roles on the farm.

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Raising BEef in Alabama

Raising beef is a complex process, but throughout the entire journey, one thing remains constant – the shared commitment to raising cattle in a safe, humane and environmentally sustainable way. Today, there are more than 1.3 million cattle and over 19,000 farms in Alabama. Learn more about the Alabama beef farmers who are raising beef from pasture to plate.

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Alabama Fact

Approximately half of the peanuts grown in the United States are grown within a 100-mile radius of Dothan, Alabama making it the "Peanut Capital of the World."