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See how beef farmers and ranchers in Georgia are raising sustainable beef through award-winning environmental efforts.


Georgia Farm Keeps Sustainability at the Forefront 

Vaughn Farms in Monroe County, Georgia has been with the Vaughn Family for almost 100 years. The family-owned farm is committed to protecting the local watersheds by controlling cattle access to flowing streams, distributing grazing pressure through rotational grazing systems, maintaining hayfields and pastures with proper fertilization, facilitating weed control practices, and managing timberland. Through their sustainability practices, Vaughn Farms has made significant improvements to protect stream banks by allowing vegetation to fully grow.  Further, they established clean areas for cattle to drink water and managed their grasslands in order to better protect the soil from erosion and the streams from sedimentation. For their sustainability efforts, Vaughn Farms was awarded the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award (ESAP).

"Sustainability means to me taking care of the land, thinking about long term effects of what you’re doing now for future generations." - Jordan Vaughn

Meet More Members of the Beef Community:

Steven and Tara Green

Meet generational cattle and poultry farmers Steven and Tara Green from middle Georgia. Steven and Tara run a cow-calf operation alongside Steven’s father. They utilize resources to enhance their herd genetics and animal husbandry practices with the most up to date information and technologies. They do this while also instilling traditional values in their daughter through life on the farm.

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Raising beef in Georgia

Cleve and Emilia Jackson share the importance of producing healthy, sustainable and nutritious beef for their family and the world. Along with Cleve's father, Charles, this couple carries on a family farming tradition that began in 1950 and one they hope continues into future generations.

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georgia fact

Beef is one of the top 5 agriculture commodities in the state of Georgia. In fact, cattle are raised in all 159 counties.