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See how New York beef farmers and ranchers are rethinking the ranch to raise sustainable beef through land-saving, wildlife-preserving, and award-winning environmental efforts.

New York farm protects drinking water for New York City residents

A hundred miles north of New York City in Grahamsville, New York sits Thunder View Farms, a 1,500 acre farm owned by the Coombe Family. To help protect the watershed that supplies nine million New York City residents with drinking water, the Coombe family implemented various water protecting and conservation techniques. These include installing a gravity flow system to deliver clean water to their pastures. To supplement their electrical needs, the Coombe family built a wind turbine and installed solar panels. These systems provide enough electricity to operate the farm shop and their freezer beef business. For their dedication to protecting natural resources, Thunder View Farms was awarded the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award (ESAP).

"I'm really proud of what we've done to protect our farm. It's amazing because our blood, sweat and tears are in all this, and to know it's preserved is just heartwarming." - Ric Coombe, Thunder View Farms

Meet More Members of the Beef Community:

ESAP 2020

SK Herefords

SK Herefords in Medina, New York is owned by Philip and Dawn Keppler, and David Schubel, a 5th generation farmer. Caring for cattle and the environment is an important part of SK Herefords. The farm has worked closely with agencies on projects to improve the land, water and wildlife habitat. By improving the grazing management plans, the farm has helped protect ground nesting songbirds and monarch butterflies while also keeping the soil nutrient rich. SK Herefords was awarded the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award (ESAP) in 2020.

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raising beef in new york

Raising beef is a complex process, but throughout the entire journey, one thing remains constant – the shared commitment to raising cattle in a safe, humane and environmentally sustainable way by using the latest technology and resources. Today, there are more than 1.4 million cattle and over 12,000 cattle farms in New York. Learn more about New York's beef farmers and ranchers who are raising beef from pasture to plate.

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Grecian Beef Top Loin Steaks and Mushroom Kabobs


The Empire State needs a recipe worthy of the name. Grilled New York Strip Steaks with mushrooms, lemon and feta  will make you fuggedabout all other meals.

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New York Fact

About 20% of land (7 million acres) in New York is dedicated to farmland. These farms are top producers of items like milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, apples, wine and grapes.