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See how beef farmers and ranchers in Utah are raising sustainable beef through award-winning environmental efforts.


Utah Ranch Improves Wetland Areas by Controlling Invasive Species

JY Ferry & Son Ranch in northern Utah has been in the Ferry family since 1869 and is currently a 4th generation ranch. The ranch is located on a wetland area which contains an invasive species called phragmites. While traditionally this weed is treated with herbicides, JY Ferry & Son discovered that they could control the weed through cattle grazing. Keeping this plant controlled allows other wildlife to thrive in the area including ducks and geese. Through these efforts, the ranch has proven that cattle can help improve wetland areas, working to contribute to a more sustainable future. For their sustainability efforts, the JY Ferry & Son Ranch was awarded the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award (ESAP).

"Sustainability is a process and what I do tomorrow will be affected by what I do today. But if you’re wise and listen to the land, it will tell you what to do." - John Ferry

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Della Ranches

della ranches

Della Ranches in Grouse Creek, Utah is owned by the Tanner Family who takes great pride in their land and environmental stewardship practices. The family works with many local, state and federal agencies to manage their natural resources and improve the quality of the range. Invasive species are a big threat to the natural landscape and resources. With help from these local agency partners, Della Ranches conducts prescribed burns on up-rooted invasive trees. 

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raising beef in utah

More than 97% of beef cattle farms and ranches in the United States are family farms. This holds true for Utah as well. Here in The Beehive State, there are 830,000 head of cattle being raised by more than 8,000 ranchers. Utah ranchers work hard to take care of their families, their cattle, and their land.

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Utah Fact

Utah is the 3rd highest producer of tart cherries in the nation.