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Discover local Washington recipes, flavors and meet members of the beef community.


Washington ranch honored for outstanding environmental stewardship

Since 1883 Tower Rock Ranch has been an active cattle operation. Environmental sustainability is a daily goal and cattle management practices keep water, natural habitat and wildlife top of mind. Wildfire has changed the function and appearance of the ranch many times over the years with brush and small trees consumed, leaving pastures with no shade, fence replacement a financial burden and fewer calves to market. Despite setbacks from fires, the Miller, Matsumura and Vargas families forge ahead with a commitment to protecting the environment. Tower Rock Ranch preserves habitat for sage grouse, releases beneficial insects to control Dalmatian Toadflax, and effectively manages rangeland through rotational grazing. The ranch also regularly hosts tours, training sessions and studies for agency employees, organizations, schools and fellow cattle producers.

"Proper range management is an art that needs to be blended with science." -  Allen Miller, Tower Rock Ranch

Meet More Members of the Beef Community:

Kyler Beard

Meet Washington rancher Kyler Beard. Along with his wife Judy and daughter Jossie, he is a first generation rancher from Ellensburg, Washington. His partnership with a local brewery is a shining example of working with the resources around him to sustainably produce the delicious beef everyone craves. He feeds his cattle nutritious feed including the grains left over from the brewing process that would otherwise end up in a landfill. To bring the cycle full circle, beef from Kyler's ranch is a fixture on the brewery's tasting room menu. 

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Rethink the Ranch

raising beef in washington

Home on the range...and in the pasture, and at the feedyard. Raising beef is a complex process, but throughout the entire journey, one thing remains constant – the shared commitment to raising cattle in a safe, humane and environmentally sustainable way. There are more than 9,000 cattle farms and ranches in The Evergreen State, with an average herd size of 40 cattle. Learn more about the people and the process involved in raising beef from the pasture to the plate in Washington.

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popular Washington-inspired recipes


simple beef and brew chili

Whip up this delicious chili that combines the flavors of Ground Beef, beer, black beans, tomatoes and chili seasonings for your next football game.

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Rubbed Beef Sirloin Cap Roast

espresso rubbed beef roast with Onion Jam

Satisfy your taste buds with this deeply flavorful espresso and paprika-rubbed roast recipe.

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washington fact

Cattle are raised in all 39 counties in Washington.