ESAP 2019 Region 5


See how Wyoming beef farmers and ranchers are rethinking the ranch to raise sustainable beef through land-saving, wildlife-preserving, and award-winning environmental efforts.


Wyoming Ranch works to improve the local environment by starting from the ground up

The Cundall Ranch in Glendo, Wyoming has been with the Cundall family for over 100 years and is currently owned by Larry Cundall and his wife Ruthie. Growing up on the ranch has given Larry a lifetime of experience and he has become an expert at monitoring the range to help it keep improving. Every decision made on the ranch is intended to better the cattle, grass and soil. The Cundall family believes that the most important thing is the quality of the soil which leads to stronger grass and happier animals. To help improve the  soil and grass, the Cundall Ranch put in 18 different solar pumps and over 9 miles of water lines to water the grass and also to provide cattle access to water. By providing water to these areas that don't have natural water sources, the ranch can utilize rotational grazing patterns to keep the land strong and thriving. The Cundalls have also made sure their cattle are best suited for the land by using genetic selection. In doing so, they have reduced the size of their animals to better fit the resources available and not overburden the land. For their work in conservation, the Cundall Ranch was awarded the prestigious Environmental Stewardship Award (ESAP).

"Sustainability for me is pretty natural. It means you leave the ground better than you found it, and you leave the community better than you found it." - Larry Cundall, Owner, Cundall Ranch

Meet More Members of the Beef Community:

Jennie Gordon

Jennie Gordon is the owner and manager of Merlin Ranch in Buffalo, Wyoming. She heads up programs that help ensure animal safety, rangeland management and cattle health. Recently Jennie’s husband, Mark, was elected Governor of Wyoming, making Jennie the state’s First Lady.

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ESAP 2019 Region 5

raising beef in wyoming

With a moniker like “The Cowboy State,” it’s no secret that agriculture plays a proud and prominent role in Wyoming.  According to the state’s Department of Agriculture, Wyoming is one of a few states that has added agricultural lands in recent years, and ranks first in the nation for average farm/ranch land mass.  Today, Wyoming is home to over 1.3 million cattle and over 5,700 cattle farms and ranches.  Learn more about Wyoming's beef farmers and ranchers who are raising beef from pasture to plate.

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Wyoming Fact

The cattle industry is the largest component of Wyoming agriculture and hay is the leading crop produced in the state.