Nutrition Seminar Program

The Nutrition Seminar Program, funded by the Beef Checkoff, works in collaboration with State Beef Councils to provide influential, credentialed health and nutrition experts to speak on cutting-edge issues at State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meetings, as well as other state-wide meetings and conferences whose audiences include credentialed health professionals. A wide range of topics and speakers are available and can be tailored to meet each state's needs.

Session Topics and Descriptions

Culinary Arts

Sessions within this category showcase how to bring food to life in the kitchen, using beef as an example, through recipe development, tasty pairings, and food photography. These sessions can also be tailored to include tips on how to cook for those with specific dietary restrictions related to various disease states. Additionally, these sessions can incorporate live cooking demonstrations for the audience upon request.

Lifecycle Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in every stage of life as it can significantly impact one’s quality of life. This category includes sessions that cover off on family-focused and school nutrition, nutrition for healthy aging, nutrition’s role in chronic disease prevention and management, as well as obesity and weight management.

Sustainable Nutrition

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic in today’s nutrition conversation. With the global population projected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, the relationship between nutrition and sustainability has never been more intertwined. Sessions included in this category can address the collective human challenge of sustainably feeding the world, food production and food waste, and strategy integration between food, nutrition, and agriculture. 

The Power of Protein

Many Americans search for the best way to improve their overall health, and one strategy for maintaining a healthy lifestyle may be as simple as re-thinking protein as a food for strength. From discussion on sports nutrition, to the role of protein in weight management, to animal vs. plant-based proteins, these sessions highlight the latest research on protein’s health benefits and provide strategies for optimizing protein intake.

Professional Development

Credentialed health professionals are encouraged to continuously sharpen their knowledge and skills. These sessions provide tools and strategies that health professionals can utilize to enhance their leadership and communications skills. Especially in a fast-paced world where the social media landscape is ever changing, there is a renewed effort to keep up with nutrition messaging across all platforms.

Partnership Commitment

The Beef Checkoff and state beef councils will provide the following:

  • A variety of topic selections for your annual meeting;
  • A qualified, notable speaker who is an expert in the topic you select;
  • Speaker travel expenses (including airfare and lodging) and honorarium paid directly to the speaker;
  • Presentation materials, which may include slides and/or handouts (this will vary based on the speaker).

In return, we ask the meeting organizers to:

  • Arrange for a general or non-concurrent session during which the speaker will present (The session can be concurrent if there is a guarantee of 200 in attendance.);
  • Forward session evaluations to Amy Johnson (see contact information below).

To arrange for a sponsored speaker, please:

  • Select the top three topics that meet the goals of your program theme;
  • Schedule the date and time for the seminar (please provide the date and time when contacting the beef industry representative); and
  • Contact your state beef council or Amy Johnson

For more information about the Nutrition Seminar Program, including topics, speakers and scheduling, please use the following form to contact:

Amy Johnson
Director, Federation Services
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association