Strength: The Field Manual

Developed by Dr. Mike Roussell, Strength: The Field Manual, provides all the information and tools you need to develop strength in your life. By looking at the principles of strength, fueling strength and strength in action, this guide was developed to inspire and guide you to build strength in all areas of your life.


Principles of strength

The drive to be stronger is innate. While strength can refer to our physical pursuits, strength is anything that gives us the ability to live our lives to the fullest. Our quest for strength is personal and defined by each of us according to our own desires. But no matter your personal definition, all strength is fulfilled and grounded in one of our greatest sources for strength: beef’s protein.

Meal Plan

Fueling Strength

A balanced diet including high-quality protein and other nutrient-rich foods is an essential component for strength. Learn the science behind each cornerstone of a balanced diet and practical applications into daily life storied from people who incorporate them into their healthy lifestyles.

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Strength in action

Strength is derived through the process of making positive changes. Small, daily, consistent actions are needed to keep moving toward bigger goals. Discover how we achieve strength through daily actions that move us closer to our goal, regardless of your starting point.

About Strength: The Field Manual Author, Dr. Mike Roussell, PhD

Dr. Mike Roussell, PhD, is on the forefront of nutrition research, having been featured in top fitness and health publications such as Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness. Dr. Roussell’s academic background and broad range of experience from consulting with food companies, medical schools, top rated fitness facilities, professional athletes, and individual clients, gives him the unique ability to translate scientific findings into relevant, understandable, and actionable strategies that get results.

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Recipes as seen in the Strength: The Field Manual

Cooked Sausage in Pan

Basic Country Beef Breakfast Sausage

This Ground Beef sausage is a great compliment to your favorite breakfast treats. Try it as sausage patties or crumbles.

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Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Looking for a convenient snack to fuel your day? Add store-bought Beef Jerky to a mix of nuts, seeds and fruit.

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Resources for Strength

Meal Plan

7-day meal plan

The protein in beef is a powerful nutrient that helps strengthen and sustain the body. This 7-day menu showcases how beef can be incorporated into a healthy eating pattern, distributing protein intake evenly throughout the day.

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Farm to Gym Workout

Farm to Gym 20 minute workout

Raising beef is no easy task. That’s why farmers and ranchers utilize beef’s nutrients as fuel to power through each day’s tough workload.  Here’s a workout that mimics the physically demanding tasks they do every day.

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