BEEF sustainability AND CHEFS

Chefs Roll BQA Arizona

The journey to deliver high-quality and safe beef requires collaboration from pasture to plate. At each step of the process—from the beef farmers and ranchers who are committed to raising beef sustainably and abide by Beef Quality Assurance standards to the chefs and restauranteurs who prepare beef in their restaurants there is a strong commitment to delivering high-quality beef that consumers love. That’s why Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. in partnership with Chef’s Roll brought beef farmers and ranchers together with chefs. This video series takes chefs across the beef lifecycle to get a first-hand look at the care that goes into creating high-quality beef. But the journey for quality beef doesn’t stop at the farm or ranch. Watch as the farmers and ranchers then go to the chefs’ restaurants to see how they prepare some of their most popular beef dishes.

Chef Victor Jimenez and Steve Wooten

Executive Chef Victor Jimenez and his team visit Beatty Canyon Ranch, a 27,000 acre cattle operation in Southeast Colorado run by Steve Wooten and his family. They got to see the unique care that is put into land management of the ranch which allows the cattle to graze sustainably all year round and allows Cowboy Star to serve high-quality nutritious beef at their restaurant. Later, Steve joins the chefs at the restaurant to share a meal featuring a simply prepared yet delicious 40 oz. porterhouse steak.

Chef Esther Choi and Ric Coombe

Chef Esther Choi of Mokbar NYC understands the responsibility of knowing where her food comes from, so she visits Ric Coombe and Thunder View Farms to see his 250 head angus operation that serves local New York residents in more ways than one. Not only does the care and management of the cattle, nutrients, and land produce excellent beef, but protects the land and local water supply. Later Ric visits Esther to get a glimpse into her world and helps her make her popular Korean BBQ ground short rib dumplings filled with caramelized onions, glass noodles, and garlic chives.

Chef Rocco Whalen and Zane Gross

Chef Rocco Whalen of Fahrenheit Cleveland knows that an important part of "farm to table" is getting out to the farms to meet the ranchers and see first hand how the beef is produced. He visits Zane Gross of Buckeye Creek Angus and witnesses the amazing care that is not only given to the cattle but to the land and resources they graze on, creating a sustainable operation that produces wholesome healthy beef. He showcases the high quality angus beef by grilling it and serving with hickory smoked onion rings and a kombu cheddar sauce.


Chef Bob visits Jamie, who has a hearing impairment, at Sonoma Mountain Beef Company where she shares the importance of practicing Beef Quality Assurance - from vaccinations to handling - for the welfare of her cows and a quality beef product. As a rancher Jamie values the quality of life for all the cattle and how important it is to make sure they are very well taken care of, well fed and receive the right nutrients. She then visits Chef at his restaurant where he shares his popular Pimento Cheeseburger, made with her local fresh ground beef, pimento cheese that is made with aged white cheddar, heirloom sweet peppers, pickled cabbage slaw, and a Parker House style bun.


Executive Chef Ryan Clark of Casino Del Sol meets Santa Fe Ranch Manager Dean Fish to learn about environmental stewardship, management of the land and water resources as well as proper cattle handling techniques to ensure animal safety. Chef Clark shares with Dean how he makes his popular Cowboy Ribeye that he currently serves in his restaurant.


Executive Chef Kathryn Mathis of BackdoorBBQ takes an educational tour of a 4th generation cattle feedyard in Oklahoma with feedyard manager Tom Fanning who shows her how an excellent beef product is ensured by the dedication to quality control and animal welfare. Later on, Chef makes her contest-winning smoked pastrami sandwich for Tom that features 14 hour smoked pastrami, jalapeno cornbread, pickles, red onion, and swiss cheese.  


Executive Chef Mark Keiser of Oak Steakhouse knows how important it is for chefs to see where their food comes from. He visits the 3rd generation owner & farmer Kristy Arnold at her cow-calf farm in Georgia where she explains the significance of protecting the health and wellbeing of her cows to ensure a both high quality of life for the animals and a high quality beef product..


Executive Chef Shawn Smith of Coynes Restaurant visits Kim Brackett of Brackett Ranch in Idaho to see where and how beef is produced, and experience first-hand the high quality of care the cattle receive. Kim explains that prioritizing animal welfare is the right way and only way to ensure quality beef. Later, she visits Chef Shawn at his restaurant where he prepares "Butler Steak Risotto" with flatiron steak, blue cheese risotto, grilled asparagus, topped with tabasco gastrique and sea salt.