Summer Sidekicks

Don’t let your steaks and burgers go without a delicious sidekick this summer. With sauces, rubs, marinades and salsas, this collection is made up of beef’s best friends for this summer.

Add some Hawaiian flavor to your beef dish with this simple and quick-to-prepare pineapple salsa.

A little heat with a little sweet. This sauce is perfect for your burger in place of ketchup.

Forget jarred salsa. This easy fresh recipe combines grilled vegetables, black beans, lime and cilantro for a colorful and flavorful dip.

Thinking barbecue ? Look no further than a few simple pantry items. Enjoy it on your next steak.

Give your favorite steaks a Mexican twist with this marinade of fresh lime juice, brown sugar, Worcestershire and garlic at your next barbecue.

Oregano, lemon peel, garlic and pepper in perfect harmony.

It's like a mini pickled salad that could top any of your favorite beef steaks, sandwiches or tacos. This corn, tomato, cucumber and vinegar mixture packs a flavorful punch.

This Chimichurri Sauce pairs well with any steak - and it's oh-so-easy to prepare!

This tzatziki-like sauce will have you saying "Opa!" It's easy to make and ready to adorn a steak, sandwich or burger.

Try this lemon thyme rub today. Perfect for roasts, steaks, and burgers.