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The Centennial State knows how to celebrate. We hope to find you behind the grill this summer, Colorado, and with the rest of America United, We'll Steak.

Rocky Mountain Grilled T-Bone Steak With Charro-style beans

Rocky Mountain Grilled t-Bone Steaks with Charro-style Beans

Forget being king of the mountain, you'll be king of the grill with this recipe. Pepper-rubbed, grilled T-Bone Steaks served with flavorful Charro-style beans has mile high flavor.

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Meet Colorado Ranchers: VanWinkle ranches

Meet Howard, Janie and their son, Dean VanWinkle in Mesa County, Colorado. As fourth and fifth generation ranchers, they work together on VanWinkle Ranch to produce an affordable, safe, and nutritious product while caring for land, livestock and community. They graze cattle on both private and public lands in western Colorado, using a rotational grazing system that ensures the properties are productive in a sustainable manner.   They are involved with numerous organizations in Colorado’s Grand Valley in their business and to be a part of the community including the local Chamber of Commerce, local Cattlemen’s and Cattlewomen’s organizations, working with outdoor recreation and providing opportunities for youth to learn about Agriculture and the outdoors. VanWinkle Ranch markets some of the cattle through their direct to consumer Ground Beef program. VanWinkle Ranch is always open to questions about their processes and production practices. 

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Colorado Fact

Colorado is home to many agriculture industries including potatoes, onions, sunflowers, sugar beets and grapes, but cattle are Colorado’s number one agricultural commodity with over 2.8 million head of cattle.